Staying with algos or going to vexor

Im doing mostly pve en data relic site

I got a heron for the data en relic
Atm im using a algos for the pve stuff
Im at a point where i can change to vexor but im wondering if its worth it.
Or should i just go for alfos lvl 2-3-4 enz

Maybe stupid but im new .

Im alfa atm and need like 2more days for the vexor skills via eve wiki to be completed

Oh and doing the sites mostly in 0.5,0.6

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That question is rather tricky to answer.
I’d generally recommend sticking with the Algos for now, and getting a Vexor when you feel like the PvE you do can’t be done in a feasible time with your Algos anymore.

You want to have some solid support skills (skills at 3 or higher), especially for the medium drones before upgrading to a Vexor really makes a difference.

If you mean the “mastery” skills in the ship-info, then I’d say going till 3 before you get a Vexor is not a bad idea. Although the skills recommended there should be taken with a grain of salt. If you use a shield-tank for example, skills for armor-tanking won’t help you at that moment.
So read what every skill does and when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask questions. :slight_smile:

You also might find this guide here useful:


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