Still Griefing New Players :parrotdad:

I know there is at least one here who can do that.


New Capsuleers should be required be the seaL and the hunter at the same time as it would be for the greater good of all future Capsuleers.

(in reference to that, "By law, you have to keep clubbing the seal in the forehead until you know for sure that it’s dead")

You can call ganking pvp as you need to keep shooting until the capsuleer’s ship explodes.

i think a noob that is not ganked may fell excluded
and have self esteem problems in the future

Why does @x123xxx assume that Clubbing a New Capsuleer is the same as Ganking a Seal?

99% they aren’t even a new capsuleer :smiley:

If this is the case then ganking is only griefing 1% of all ganking related pvp in New Eden Highsec.

To try and back this info up, I looked at my first pod loss and where it was.

Started 21th May
Podded 23rd May in GM-50Y 39 jumps from the first starting system to hunt Angel Cartel NPC’s

You know you took that out of context. Read the whole post. There was something about hunting…

Oh so you are all for the ecosystem of New Eden then?

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Only parts of it. I wouldn’t lose any sleep in goons perished.

Now I am guessing that the same could be said about culling dolphins then?

Is there a purpose? (I was going to say “porpoise” but i thought it might miss the mark)


I know some corps do SRP for their gankers…so there is actually zero cost to the ganker and thus any kill is profit.


The goons were the initial Sealcubs roaming null sec in their frigate gangs, gangbanging the sharks.

So now goons had become like dolphin and killer whales then?

Killer Whales are dolphins. They also like seal clubbing.

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They do a LOT of the HS ganking. I don’t care about what they do (or did) in Null. Everything is fair game in LS/Null.

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I didn’t wish for this to go where it did but how does one become a dolphin?

Correction, everything is fair game once you undock :smiley:


The griefers do. Y’know those big loud mouths who think that griefing noobs in Ventures is “PvP” :sweat_smile: and then cry when devs introduce mechanics that force them to face off with real actual PvPers in Low and Nullsec :joy:

The Future is PvE
Ms. Bedlam :nerd_face:


The now is PvE, there is no future.

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