Story of four years

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So I wasn’t playing Eve Online for four years, until yesterday (= 96 months of subscription, CCP, because I have two accounts, working in tandem), because I think I can give it another try.

The reason why I ragequit back then was because I was ripped off by a guy from a company I applied to because I wanted to provide my guns and logistics to a nullsec endeavour.

While I’m all pro PVP and piracy, I think there is a line to draw between proper gaming and bad character actions, which includes social engineering to rip somebody off.

Yes, the usual candidates will come up with the usual, boring pseudo-argumenta why this was my fault back in the day. I couldn’t care less.

Mayve CCP should draw a line somewhere to make this game more inviting?

Btw, without Plex I would have never returned. No point im starting with zero credits and going through almost everything (L1 agent grindfest… this is fun only once in a lifetime…) again.

The EUR 20,- for 1.5 billion ISK was what brought me back eventually. On to former glory.

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