Strange changes. DEVs please respect us by answering our concerns

(Ahuraa) #1

CCp has changed a rare sets of skins previously named “Crimson harvest Yxxx(date)” to “Ironblood”.

Why have CCP done this change?
What worries me is that by removing the date from this event skin they plan to introduce more of this is skin in to the game and with this acted flooding the game with these once rare skins.

If that is the plan then CCP should inform the players of this. People are actually paying a lot of ISK for these skins, and we have the right to be informed and then be compensated when CCP decides to make changes that devalues our assets.

THIS IS NOT AN ITEM THAT EFFECTS THE GAME-PLAY. When making such changes that has nothing to do with game-play we must have the right to be informed and be compensated.

CCP has the right to make any changes they want that effect the game-play and not inform us, and if people lose ISK then so be it. The changes CCP make is for the good of the game, BUT making changes to aspects of the game that do not effect the game-play that results in players loosing ISK, that in my opinion is screwing the PAYING players.

If CCP wants to keep their old players then at least understand that there are some that collect these cosmetic items that do not effect the game-play because we find it enjoying and fun.

Just imagine a player loosing billion just because CCP decided to re-use a skin instead of creating new ones, thus resulting in billions worth of skins loosing their value to just couple of million ISK.


Well done CCP on informing the players that these skins will be exclusive, in this case “will never be sold again.”

(Ramona McCandless) #2

Why? And compensated for what loss?

And how is market trading on skins not gameplay?

(Erik Doshu) #3


(Ahuraa) #5

The skins that have dates will not be introduced to the game, by changing the name and removing the date they can no re introduce the skin thus flooding the market.

People that collects dates skins know that a dated skin will not be introduced to game again. So they collect them.

The value of these skins will be lowered when the name of the skin is changed and introduced to game again.

The previously dated skin will not be a collectable item anymore and it will lose value.

If someone has many dated skins they will lose isk.

“And how is market trading on skins not gameplay?”

Is it you opinion that it is ok that ccp create a dated skin that conveys to players that it is rare and exclusive but later changes that?

Why not just let the creative content creators make a new skin? Why re-use a dated skin? They are mass producing skins all the time, why fiddle with old skins?

(Ramona McCandless) #6

So what part of that isnt gameplay?

The market is an inherent part of the game.

(Ahuraa) #7

Ramona, im assuming you are not a skin collector. After playing the game for so long i have seen many changes to items and ships, these changes has lead to me loosing ISK and i have accepted it.

When the cosmetics was introduced to the game and when players were able to pay RL money for in-game items, the promise was that these items we buy with rl money would not to effect the game-play. The ability to buy items would not lead to a pay to win scenario.

During the years these items became part of EVE economy, the value of these items were based on demand, and supply that we knew the origin of. The more people wanting an item would lead to increased price and the more people willing to use RL money to buy the items and put them on the market would lead to the price going down.

Now we are in a place were CCP is renaming items, removing the dates on the skins, and re introducing them in to the game.

There is a level of changes that is acceptable imo, but at this point it is intangible to see changes that is unnecessary. They can just make a new skin and introduce that to the game.

(Ramona McCandless) #8

But the very act of making them saleable on the market means that the first statement is untrue.

The fact that you are bothered that your item has depreciated and is not worth as much isk is clearly a gameplay impact.

Are you asking for SKINs to have a protected pricing on the market?

(Ahuraa) #9

I understand you point of view, what is in the game, that can be changed in any ways CCP find it fit. This is completely valid.

What i am saying is that when they make something rare or exclusive, only cosmetics, why not allow it to remain rare and exclusive. We are not talking about ships and modules, it is skins.

Allow the market to consider these items as rare, and when new event is coming make new skins for that event. Why re-use the skins. What is the point of making people value cosmetic items and later make changes that makes the items less valuable TO PLAYERS.

(Ramona McCandless) #10

So more people can enjoy them?

So people can buy them from the store now?

I have never either in RL or any game believed that LTD Edition meant anything more than Premium Price.

Im just saying that ecomonically theres little difference between this and a nerf to a ship a person might have huge stocks of.

(Linus Gorp) #11

More money for CCP without putting in the effort to make a new SKIN. I’m genuinely surprised that people are still surprised about CCP giving the shaft to the players at each and every opportunity. It’s like you have completely and utterly ignored CCPs business direction over the last years.

Them firing most of the community team that was already understaffed and overworked should have been the wake-up call for everyone that CCP doesn’t give a ■■■■ about the community anymore.

(Ramona McCandless) #12

Or in fact capitalism in general.

(Ahuraa) #13

Im happy that you are happy.

(Ahuraa) #14

I respect you wish.

(Ahuraa) #15

Thank you for you opinion.

(Salvos Rhoska) #16

My guess is its just a change in CCPs SKIN naming format.

Instead of having SKIN names with dates, they are harmonized with one name for that set.

This may cause some small upset in the market for SKIN collectors whom dont yet know the SKIN name was changed, but if they truly want it, they will find its new name.

Ofc, its possible that CCP intends to re-release the SKIN, but thats always been possible for all SKINs.

Its not unusual for CCP to re-release previously exclusive items.
Gnosis is one in particular.

For you, as a SKIN collector, its just something you will have to deal with.

It would be cool if EVE had a more extensive “rares” market, similar to Ultima Online back in the day. It does somewhat exist in EVE, but mostly on extremely rare Tournament vessels, which perform a very significant collateral function in high value arrangements between players, as usually arbitrated by a trusted 3rd party.

I keep whatever small rares I can find, but I dont expect them to ever appreciate in value, as most EVE players just arent interested in them.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #17

Is ccp obligated to ensure our profit? Is ccp obligated to ensure our virtual assets (technically owned by them anyway) gain or maintain their “value”?

Buying virtual items with irl currency is a choice not without potential consequences, imo.

Obviously OP sees the issue differently.

(Galaxy Pig) #18

Then why are you crying about the price?

Enjoy your collector’s item, Mr. Collector.

(Kyon Rheyne) #19

Because uniqueness of an item is what makes it valuable for collectors. Rifter may be part of any ship collection, but it’s nothing, everybody has it, nobody is amazed when you’ll say you have rifter. Some limited issue ship which you can’t buy on market easily is, so it has value, both market value and relative value drawn from its uniquness, in eyes of other collectors. If what topic starter says is true, then CCP undermined the very idea of such activity in the game. You need to be a child or a troll if you ask questions like this.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #20

You and OP need to take a break from EvE and work on perspective.

(Kyon Rheyne) #21

I don’t do collectibles myself, just’ve got mesmerized it actually takes 20+ posts for some people to understand the problem.