Stronger Together with EDENCOM

After years of fighting the Triglavians, Prospector Schipplock was not entirely unscathed by the turmoil of war.

This was seen in the post in the ARC forum.

Prospector Schipplock, a war veteran of the first hour, started evacuating Raravoss long before the war effort on the part of EDENCOM began.

Unfortunately, their pleas went unheeded in the vastness of space. And for this reason, Prospector Schipplock also felt absolutely misunderstood about the behavior of FC’s Aryan Aryaie…

Despite the EDI director’s attempt to reach an agreement, a dispute arose, which the two capsule pilots were able to settle amicably in an EDENCOM tavern.

After a few promille and most violent arguments the pilots agreed to fight the enemy, the Triglavians, instead of distrusting each other.

With these words and visibly relieved, both of them and Section 7 - left the tavern to face the enemy together, whose threat scenario may not be as great as before, but still should not be underestimated.

ooc: @Aryan_Aryaie, @Verum_Peto - lets’e go !


Hi @Prospektor_Schipplock
I apologize for the late response to this post. Pro-EDENCOM staging area inside Uemisaisen solar system encountered some issues recently but I’m glad to say that Uemisaisen - Blueberries is now back in business, thanks to @SemperFidelis_Shi. I’m glad that you’re now back with us, flying stronger than before against the invaders.
By the way, let me clarify that it wasn’t an official EDENCOM Tavern. It was just a bar that some EDENCOM personnel frequently visit. I do have to say that Quafe in that place tastes somewhat better though. I highly suggest visiting there if you can limit yourself to Quafe and such soft drinks.
Fly Safe everyone!

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