Structures Services tab showing wrong information

The new core patch removes repair / tether / fitting. You did not change the Show Info Services tab. A fort still reports it has Repair and Fitting on the services tab despite not having it.

The only way to find this out is to warp to a structure and click on it, to see the “Core Absent” message. There is no way to pre-plan a flight route.

The services tab already changes based on what services are available to you, cores should not change this. The Show Info should not just lie to players.

Color us surprised that this is the case.


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Version 18.12 - Known Issues

Please post in the above thread - the Devs who are working on corrections for this release will be checking that thread. Also remember to submit bug reports in-game.

This issue is temporary as it only applies to grandfathered structures that were installed when cores weren’t a thing yet.

Even if CCP does nothing, this issue will eventually disappear.

It’s not nice that we now see the wrong information for a while, but this is hardly an issue CCP needs to put time in, in my opinion.

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