Suicide gankers and input broadcasting

Since 2015 it is right?


… policing this policy as of January 1st, 2015.

Input Broadcasting and Input Multiplexing of actions with consequences in the EVE universe, are prohibited and will be policed in the same manner as Input Automation.

It may not be easy to police for CCP, but it is prohibited.

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Maybe I misunderstand the term. Seems pretty binding rather than simply a non-binding suggestion.


I give CCP like $1,000-2,000 every year. I’m sure they’ll lock me away and throw away the key the moment they detect that I’m running a Logitech Gaming Software macro like…

  • Click
  • Lock
  • Fire
  • Alt-tab
  • Click
  • Lock
  • Fire

…for my two ganking characters.

Meanwhile, the genuine null-sec CNR bot my friend has been reporting for the past 8 years hasn’t had more than an hour of downtime during that entire time.

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Is that, like, a confession?

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The only way I ever confess is by leaving a handwritten note in someone’s gym locker.

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Or an evidence free flex?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Seems like we need the Captain’s Quarter’s back again :slight_smile: (not to derail the thread on that tangent)

The Captain’s Quarters was too safe.


I saw a guy bend a spoon once. They said he used psychic broadcasting.


giphy (41)


Someone said he can press a button on 6 clients per second.

Align time of a cat is 4 seconds. Plus the 2-3 seconds to actually warp and decelerate, kusion has time to click ‘jump’ on ~40 clients after pressing fleet warp to make them all jump at the same time.

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I know nothing about jumping your 40 clients. I do know about taking damage from 16 catalysts at the same second though. If we assume that he does that by hand, even if guy is super fast and your client stutter, time between his first catalyst attack and last one is simply too ■■■■■■■ long for logs to go off in one second. If you look at any of his videos and time it, you will notice that it takes him as long as 10-15 seconds to switch between each client and lock/attack target. And in those videos he simply fires of his guns without any additional commands like keep at range (which he did with me).

Not a single valid argument in his defense was made in this topic. Difference in damage easily explained by skill difference + range to target difference + RNG of application/damage value.

I realize that for some people what he does can be admirable. After all, approach is pretty smart and I bet complicated to execute in a way (although he did not came up with that). But blindly jumping in his defense without even trying to understand the situation is just childish.

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What defense is needed?

Everyone told you to report him, which apparently you did. No one needs to defend him. CCP can independently see the logs and timings of his other actions, so they’ll know one way or the other.

Aside from that, nothing posted in the thread suggests he was doing anything other than what he normally does, so CCP probably won’t see anything rule breaking, but either way, they’ll sort it out.

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I wouldn’t expect these reasons to account for such varying degrees of damage to so consistently occur.

Your client can register things differently to the server. Your logs are not necessarily their logs.

Leave it to CCP.

@Alice_Blacktail If you hear from CCP will you be updating this thread?

I would prefer it if this topic were renamed to something more accurate, like - “OMG!!! Proof of CCP Colluding with Kusion Gankers!!! Reported Thousands of Times and Nothing is Being Done!!!”

This started out with “I don’t want to jump to conclusions” and now we are at “not a single valid argument in his defense was made in this topic” - in spite of several people explaining the difference between server-logs and client-logs.


This thread still open ?!

Nah its just bots

Bots are taking over the world !!

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