Summon the Swarm

Those games are not really comparable: In WoW the gear you used last year is now irrelevant, in EVE the ship you were flying 10 years ago is still as relevant as ever.

In WoW there is no way to lose progress, you only gain progress. This means hyperinflation and equipment powercreep is required to keep people interested.

In EVE you can spend weeks to get enough ISK to buy an expensive ship only to lose it all the next day. This means the game doesn’t require any hyperinflation or powercreep to keep the old equipment and ISK relevant.

EVE is not like other games and does not need inflation to keep the game interesting.

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@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Swift

I would like to share some (hopefully constructive) feedback about the gameplay of these sites. Any risk/reward considerations are more focused around the cost of caps, and/or an easily tweaked number of surveys dropped at the conclusion of the site – none of which have to do with the gameplay itself.

My main issue with these sites is that, by design, you are just sitting in space doing nothing for 14 minutes (4 minutes activation + 10 minutes in the site). This is uninspiring and to be honest, rather boring. I would like to propose two ideas to improve this:

  1. Fixed time - Set a fixed duration for the beacon (eg 30 min) and turn this into a endless-waves-of-bad-guys scenario. The payout would be dynamic, based on how many waves you were able to clear.
  2. Fixed number of waves - Set a fixed number of waves that need to be cleared (eg 5, 10). The payout per site will be more or less constant, but the isk per hour will depend on how quickly you can clear the sites.

Both options can be easily tweaked to match the targeted time in space (ie 20 minutes) by setting either the fixed time (option 1) or by tweaking the number of waves (option 2).

I would also recommend removing the 4 minute link timer and have the site start right away. Keep the 5 minute timer on the cap though, it keeps things interesting.

tl;dr sitting in space doing nothing by design = bad.


Just have to echo the other comments, theres just too much time spent sitting in space waiting, I understand wanting to put capitals at risk, but I’d rather be doing something while being at risk than just waiting

I also feel like the limit of just one per solar system is a bit restrictive, I did see where some people were doing multiple on the same grid and I understand why that may not be desireable, but I’d much prefer a distance requirement between them, rather than just a flat out limit of one per system.

And of course, aside from the site, capital build costs need to be brought down, and their planetary interaction ingredients changed to something move easily movable than p1


can anyone confirm if it can be completed with an archon tank fit?

Barely, It can be done in carrier tank fitted its just not the best.

Also mirroring the previous comments, The gameplay of these sites is boring, And honestly doesnt make it worth running them. Lets focus on the more being actual sites with respawns and you have half hour to clear as much as u can.

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They dont need to do anything to make EC drones better, they already are annoying and never work for me but always against.

EC drones just need to be nerfed… or removed.

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A short time ago there was the air scan event, where there were also the notes from the drones (4 or 5 different ones). What is or would be if you put these pieces of paper in the Concord structure and this can call other, better, more or bigger opponents?