Switch the names for Javelin and Spike ammo

Why is Javelin the close range one and Spike is the long range one? It makes zero sense.


What about everyone who’s gotten used to them?



Depends on what makes sense for you.

The Israeli Spike missile has a range of up to 25km (see Spike NLOS) whereas the US-American Javelin missile has a range of just under 5km (see FGM-148).

Hope this helps, and I’m pretty sure it has very little to do with EVE’s hybrid railgun ammo.


Yes really!

It’s been like that for years and makes sense for everyone else.

Why change it? Cause it makes no sense to you? Do you really have to be told that the world doesn’t revolve around you?


Cmon dude did you really have to go there?

A fair point, however the javelin missiles in eve are the long range ones.

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Don’t be so ignorant then.

Players have been using the ammo, named as it is, for years. Probably over a decade. The name itself doesn’t matter so much. Why change what everyone has gotten used to because it doesn’t suit you?

I thought this was the area to discuss player features and ideas? My apologies. I didn’t think that I’d be met with disrespect.


Didn’t occur to you to try and answer my question?

You talk about disrespect. Grow up a little. Look in the mirror.

Please calm down. I’ve shown you nothing but respect in the face of pure acrimony. This part of the forum is where players have friendly discussions about ideas for changes and new features. Since you’ve entered the conversation you have:

Claimed that I think the world revolves around me

Called me ignorant

and deflected

And all I’ve done is say that you’re being disrespectful. Please relax.

You still haven’t addressed my first post other
than 'really?'
Which is disrespectful. Not something i usually moan about but you’re more interested in flinging ■■■■ than your idea.

For the 4th time:
Why change something thats been established for years and everyone is familiar with to suit your personal preference?

Well I asked myself the same question. Now because you made a thread about it I dig it deper and came to this conclusion:

javelin - short range thrown weapon, range depended on how much strenght person has.

spike - like crossbow bolt, a projectile shot by mechanical device and thus better range.

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Javelin is a thrown weapon and it’s range is based on your physical arm.

Spike is a very angry dog that is willing to run any distance to eat you.


That’s what everyone said when windoze 8 came out…

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yet in game rather than irl the missiles use Javelin as the long range. This is a change i have wanted for years either change the name of Javelin Missiles or change the name of Javelin ammo.

Maybe this guy here can help:

“Javelin is just a word. What matters is the connection the word implies.”

cognates that’s great and all but its bad game design to have a word mean the opposite of itself like this. all it does is add to confusion.

No. It’s actually great when a game hasn’t been completely dumbed down, but you have to learn so many little details about it. It lets players set each other apart over what they know about a game.

there is a difference between being complex/having depth and being needlessly confusing

I mean by your logic why don’t we just give everything the same name. it would separate the players who could figure out what things actually were from those who couldn’t

See, that’s where you’re wrong. The ammo can be distinguished by it’s type. You only have to look at it to see that one is a missile and the other is a hybrid charge.

Besides, the Javline hybrid charge isn’t just short-range. It is a high-DPS thermal/kinetic charge and you’ll also have to pay close attention to the angular velocity of your target not to fall under your railgun’s tracking speed. Whereas the missile isn’t just one missile but four and for each damage type, and with a completely different damage calculation behind it.