Switch the names for Javelin and Spike ammo


you could tell the caldari frigate kestrel from the caldari cruiser kestrel and the gallente frigate kestrel

that system just has so much depth!!

oooooh or how about we replicate situations with real world navy classifications so the Caldari could be like America before the middle of the 20th century and call their cruisers frigates and their frigates destroyer escorts

Bring it on! Why the fear?!

oh how silly of me. OFC because they are even more different it makes sense to give them the same name

Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or if you just fell over your own logic.

no yeah i was just mistaken you see when i thought they were opposites it didn’t makes sense to give them the same name but now that you have pointed out they are even more different in function it just clicks.

If I remember correctly… Spike and Javelin hybrid ammo are named the way they are because a DEV made a mistake and mixed them up (no BS, this is what I remember a DEV saying at Fanfest years ago).

At the time, The DEVs didn’t see it as a big issue and… well… time passed, people got used to it and came to enjoy it because it was a funny little “quirk” caused by an alleged chemical haze induced “fatfinger.”

On a personal level, I see no reason NOT to make the change. It is, after all, an error.

But then again… there is a fair bit of industry out there that produces the ammo. And Spike (as it currently is) is more useful than Javelin. So there is that to consider.


why would changing the name effect this?

Call me a cynic, but I could actually see a DEV swapping stats rather than simply the name.

Because the latter is too easy.
Because CCP .:rofl:


normally i would say that’s no reason but then again ccp…


A classic backstabbing of a dev.

Do you at least have it on record?

Pffffffft… you try writing stuff down in a dark, cramped bar filled with sweaty, drunk neckbeards drinking Polar Bear.

Honestly I support this kind of swapping. You can not use the whole “no because everyone has got used to the current name format” argument. This would not be the first time something got renamed in EvE, I still call the Tayras Badger Mk IIs. From a wording sense Javelin does make more sense as long range. WE have Javelins in society today used in sport. In fact the goal of throwing a javelin is distance and accuracy. Now in EVE weapons you usually have to pick between accurate or longer range, but in terms of the word distance always comes to mind for me.

Just as Spike makes more sense close range. For example when you spike a football in the endzone or spike a volleyball, you dont stand near the back of the court to spike the ball, you do it up closer to the net. Even the word spike outside of sports, a sudden increase or gain, well if you have an increase to damage chances are you are using closer range ammo.

Sorry but I have to agree with the OP, the two names should be swapped around to be more intuitive, being “used” to the names is irrelevant, names change aka supercarriers cough cough I mean mother ships.

You nor the OP have thought this through. Once you swap do you make people believe “Javelin” would stand for “long range” when it’s really much more. It leads to people believing “Spike” and “Rage” would stand for short range, but they’ll be confused by it, because it’s then two names for short range, but only one name for long range. Next thing you’ll see is people wanting to call everything just “ammo” and actually mean to make all ammo fit everywhere so it’s no longer doing their heads in and lets them drink some more.

Also, who is to say hybrid ammo is wrong and not missiles? It’s likely because OP started with missiles and now trained for T2 hybrid ammo that he notices a first difference that he wants to see it fixed. If he had been training for T2 hybrid ammo before T2 missiles would he now be asking for the exact opposite and to rename Javelin missiles into Spike missiles.

Solution still is to learn there’s a significant difference. Don’t allow your brain to cave in just because it feels convenient.

You have got to be shitting me

They did misspell Arkonor in the beginning of EvE and wondered why it wasn’t spawning so yeah I can believe a dev mixed the two up.

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Why? They both suck.

that has to be the most extreme example of the slippery slope fallacy i have every seen

changing it so the names line up is not going to get ppl demanding all ammo be named the same. if that is really a concern then just change the name of one of the javelin ammos to something else

you sir have clearly never flown a kestrel javelin has saved my ass more than once

There’s no slippery slope here.

that is the definition of a slippery slope fallacy my friend