System Upkeep

From time to time you get these posts about system lag or player control issues which seem to make EVE nearly unplayable. These posts often enough include statements about quiting the game and never playing again. Before reaching that point you need to ask yourself how you can fix things.

A) Do you have enough RAM and have you allocated enough space for graphics?

B) Are you using all of your CPU cores?

C) When was the last time you cleaned all your system caches and temp files? (And I do mean all of them…)

These are just some of the things you can do improve playability but what do other players of the game suggest, feel free to share…

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Help your pc get rid of the hanger-ons

Everything needs a little love and care

Play it right or not at all

When everything fails, it’s beast-mode time :slightly_smiling_face:

Allocated for graphics? Integrated GPU? Disgusting.

EVE certainly is, for some reason 4 GHz is no longer as snappy as it used to be

I think Ctrl-Shift-F9 works well.

Look at the map and notice that it says ‘520 ships destroyed in past hour’ in Perimeter. Kind of a big clue that all hell is breaking loose there. And it will all be over in an hour or two…so its not like Perimeter is that way every day.

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Your rig will only do so much in a game like EVE online where alot of it is on CCP’s side and again I don’t see any other company with thousands of players in 1 system/area (aka Perimeter) in a huge sandbox that is New Eden.

Can this be replicated in Elite Dangerous Or Star Citizen? Probably not and their servers would crash before they even got to the 500-1k people mark.

MMOs are hard to run.

And by no means what CCP does is fancy. It’s pretty crude with time dilation but it may seem to be the only way to make things work given current technology out there? Who knows Idk what’s out there for servers.