T2 covert destroyer

could be like the current recons

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An idea needs more than 6 words.

What is the niche it would fill, why is it that nothing else fills that niche?

An idea can be one word. All it needs is the right minds to understand it.

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CCP Seagull probably: OK guys, give us a covert destroyer. A player has asked for it.

CCP Fozzie probably: What’s it supposed to do other than be covert? What did the player ask for?

CCP Seagull probably: blank stare

A covert destroyer is in itself pretty easy to understand. But a one word idea (or six words) is not going to be implemented.

If the OP has an idea, surely it’s more than six words worth of idea.


Doesn’t need to be. I mean you think you have an ‘idea’ of what ccps response will be, 6 word idea on its own can’t be much crazier.

I’m sure the community would celebrate the delivery of a covert ops Catalyst.

Awesome idea.

In any case, yeah an idea doesn’t need to be more than 1 word. It does help though. If it was, we’d be dicsussing the idea itself and trying to help the OP improve it if we can think of ways the idea can break the game. Instead, because of the wonderful level of detail, we are instead just discussing how much the idea isn’t really an idea at all…not one that can be implemented in any meaningful way without additional detail.

But, certainly, a covert ops catalyst (as bad as it would be for ganking), would receive nothing but praise from the community. I’m sure that’s what the OP meant, after all, how could it not be. It’s a destroyer and covert. Job done.

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This is a good response, and i agree.

Which is really all Old Pervert was getting at, but at least this has kept the discussion open and hopefully the OP fills out his idea bit more.

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All ships should be cloak-capable. They should be able to move when cloaked. They should be able to sneak up to any potential target, park right in front of them, and decloak as they are firing. Or maybe not even then. :slight_smile:

Nearly all ships can fit a cloak and move with one fit.

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I can only see this work as a SOE destroyer, but replace the analyzer bonus with 5 seconds cloak reactivation and no targeting delay, maybe give it covert cyno ability.

so what’s the idea of it?:thinking:

I like the idea of a covert destroyer.

But may I make a suggestion.

Next time you have an idea about this talk to some people you play with and have it pinging around in your head for at least a week before posting to the forums.
It just gives you time to flesh out the idea and provide more info on what the ship would be like to fly.


cough Prototype Cloaking Devices exist

Please give me one word to describe a new idea. Using one word to describe an existing idea, say “automobiles”, is easy…because of the common knowledge. But a new idea will likely need more than one word, especially if that word never existed before because the idea never existed before.

cus reading is hard… here you go…

Yes reading is hard…as you so ably demonstrate. :roll_eyes:

Lets take the example I already gave of automobiles. At first glance it looks like a one word idea. But what exactly does auto-mobile apply too? Reading the terms literally it means self moving. Lots of things are self moving. I am self moving. Simply saying automobile prior to the existence of actual automobiles would make people ask, “What do you mean?” In fact, the early description was “horseless carriage” which is actually two words, and again relies on common knowledge of what a carriage is and how they relied on horses for their movement. No idea (new or old) can be fully articulated. And expecting a new idea to be articulated by a single word is a bit much. It is not unlike expecting people to understand something when I use the abbreviation T.E. “The right minds will understand it.” Please. :roll_eyes:

As for the initial idea…

No. We already have current recons.

As @Scipio_Artelius and @Old_Pervert indicate, this needs more. How would they differ and what would they bring to the game?

People in general may not understand… but those around you OR those who the msg was intended for might. You almost get it…

How about “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”?

Sorry, I had to!


Only because of common knowledge–i.e. people have been communicating about it prior.