TDor Clau - CSM 16 Candidate

Hello everyone

My name is TDor Clau, i decided to run for CSM16 as a sov null-sec player from Romania.
My campaign motto will be Make nullsec great again

My EVE Online story.
I started playing EVE end of 2018, i did many things, many wrong, eventually i decided to sell that character which i did not even like the name of and restart as TDor Clau, where i joined Brand Newbros, then Black Omega Security, both of TEST. Since then i have been the average player of null-sec, doing pve, small gang pvp, some solo roaming, exploration and the classical anchor+ F1.

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?
My expertise is null security space, over the time i have learned how to operate inside the large area of space outside of the Empire control and all its dangers. I have seen what players here like, need and want. I have been in 5000 player fights and i have been alone in system doing a Forsaken hub in a VNI. I have fed and i have killed (ships).

Why are you applying for the CSM?
I belive the current state of nullsec is not good for the game at this moment. I wish to be a bridge between the players who’s life interact with 0.0 space and CCP. The player group I refer to also includes WH groups, ESS robbers, whalers, the small guy in a Heron that comes looking for the dank Relic site.
If i were to quote Thanos " Perfectly balanced as all things should be" is a goal that can be achieved during my CSM

What can players expect from me?
I would advocate for the chance that players be able to play the game exactly how they want to play it. I would make the nullsec life more dinamic. I would listen to your opinions and suggestions and present them to CCP, whatever they may be.

CCP was nice enough to make a video of my 2020

I created a discord server in which we can communicate freely about EVE, CSM campaign, non EVE topics, whatever you like

Also you can find me in the ingame channel “TDor CSM”, also PM or EVE-mail are available.

I hope i am allowed artwork

So today i was asking in alliance chat for some medium blasters and a member helped me out and presented me with a idea.
Industry players have a lot of BP. originals, copies. It is a complicated business and you have to be methodical with your setup.
So when setting up your containers the option that the BPC shows the runs available might smooth out the building and sorting process.
A simple 1,2,51 number in the top left corner would allow you to save a few clicks; to show info, enter industry mode etc. You could have a glance at them and make up your mind on how to proceed.
I think it is a good idea, furthermore its a great idea because it comes from the average player playing the daily game.
This is the type of CSM i would be, Listen to you, present to CCP.

You lost my vote with this.

Hello o/
Back in the days when rorquals were in space and @ everyone rorq tackled pings were going out many times a day i had a lot of fun and i\m positive a lot of whaling fleets had fun also. A WH opened 2-3 sabres spread out and find the mining fleet, then Inner Hell Loki fleet comes out and rorq pilot was like " oh crap". It was exciting and fast paced. And it provided content to many people who otherwise might be spinning ships waiting for something to happen.

My plan would be:

  • give rorquals anomalies to mine
  • the current “scarcity” in industry has driven the prices way up and made the need for minerals higher
  • the rorqual is a top mining ship and to some newer players might be a EVE goal
  • rorqual pilots would be incentivized to re-sub their account, they would undock and go mine
  • people notice rorqs are back on the menu across New Eden
  • pvp happens, people have fun.

More pilots in space, more content, less 500 million T1 Battleships!!

Hello o/

I would like to thank Federation of Respect Honor Passion Alliance for inviting me and fellow CSM candidates to their TS3 and granting the candidates a chance to present their agenda :slight_smile:

Good morning :smiley:

Submission Period is now and i made my campaign video

Submission period is over :explodyparrot: Excitement incoming

hi all
today im starting the CSM interviews by CCP at 18:30 UTC time, if anyone wants a heads up, cant wait :fire:

CSM are to represent the players, and TDor seeks to give voice to those who may not be heard otherwise.

CCP interview here as well, thank you for the support

Next DT the voting should start, I’d advise you all to vote the candidate you feel would represent you best. GL all

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