Technical Requirements to Access Singlularity


I would like to try the test server to learn/try a few aspects of the game that I have had chance to do on tranquility, What I haven’t found anywhere is whether or not accessing Singularity needs anymore extra resources on my local machine (a Mac … mention in case it makes a difference) … i.e. does accessing SIngularity download a whole new copy of the game client (and if so, how big is this)? I’m afraid my hard disk is getting a bit full so downloading another copy of the client might be a problem!

Thank you!

If you joined the game before Oct 21 2020, and have not changed your password since then, then you should be able to access the test server.
If you changed your password on TQ, you’ll have to use your old password to access SiSi

on the launcher, at the bottom right, where you see Tranquility, and the number of people online, if you click that, you can change it to Singularity and log in after adding your accounts, like you did for the tranquility server.

if you joined AFTER Oct 21, 2020, you will not have access to the server until they make another mirror.

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I joined the game about 20 years ago so Oct 21 2020 shouldn’t be a problem! :slight_smile:
What you have stated is good and useful information (and I have already read this elsewhere) but it doesn’t answer my question … if I follow the steps detailed, does this then download a second (test) version of the client to my local machine? And if so, how big is this?

It does not, it just switches the servers… nothing else.

Thank you … in that case, I’ll probably give it a go!

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I only referenced Oct 21, because that was when the last mirror was done… there should be a new mirror on the horizon.

Yes… my character is 20 years old but it is true that I fairly recently returned after a long break… but my return was before Oct 21st so I would think I’m good to go.

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