tEVE - Text/Discord based EVE MMORPG

Text EVE

^(Better) ^(Name) ^(Coming) ^(Soon?)

Current Features

  • PVE (Belts/Anoms/Missions)
  • PVP (Roams/Gate Camping/High Sec Ganking) with module/loot drops
  • Fleets
  • Mining (Belts)
  • Multiple regions to visit
  • Ship/Module market
  • System security (High/low/null)
  • Local chat
  • Insurance
  • Clones

Confirmed Upcoming Features

  • Industry
  • Pricing linked to actual Jita prices
  • More PVE (Exploration/Incursions/Escalations)
  • Mining (Anoms/Ice/Rorqs/Fleets)
  • More Regions
  • Ship/Module market (Up to titans)
  • Corps/Alliances

Still WIP Ideas

  • Sov Mechanics
  • Structures
  • WH Space

Some of you may know of my EVE Online bot Firetail, I’ve decided to create a text based RPG based in the EVE Universe using Discord as the platform to enable it to be a multiplayer experience.

I see this as a simple way to get some EVE in from anywhere (between fleets/while krabbing/bio breaks/work).

Currently the game is stable and has ~30 regions (regions took the place of systems) of various sec status to play in. Right now I’m looking for players who just want something to do on discord, but also for people who are willing to help test things and provide ideas and input. We currently have right around 70 players.

https://github.com/shibdib/Aura/wiki has information on how to join along with screenshots and other info.

https://discord.gg/uEsBuWD is the official Text EVE Discord

Violating copyright and/or IP, good luck mate

not really, if that’s the case every single eve app is… this falls under the same premise that no money made means nothing is bad about it, and falls under “non-commercial and non-profit use solely to improve the enjoyment of EVE”, if an eve minigame that you play in the background isn’t improving your enjoyment of eve then why are you playing eve…

You’re on pretty shaky ground here. IANAL, but this is a completely different beast from an alliance auth system or something like zkill, since you are writing a game using CCPs IP. Sure, there’s no graphics and you’re not likely to harm CCPs profits, but they would still be well within their rights to shut you down. Whether they will, who knows, depends on how smite-happy CCP Legal is atm.

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