Thanks CCP Aurora for playing the game. Loads of Respect

■■■■ off, bot

I’m pretty sure you automatically lose the veteran title if you get flagged too many times.

What are you smoking? Back in the day you’d get a 7 day vacation for calling someone “idiot”. Now there are people who throw dozens of insults around without so much as a warning. The forum has gone so far downhill it’s a wonder they still keep it running.

I still have mine. :smirk: :smiling_imp: :popcorn: :blush: :innocent:


someone took mine to
I’m still mad :frowning:

and it was totally unjust
look now you can change topic names
ohhhhhh :astonished:
change topic name
lost veteran

no one told it was wrong …

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That’s why they took it away? :thinking: That’s hilarious. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Not going to comment further on that though as it might come off as discussion of moderation but wanted to share my sympathies and reaction as well.


In many ganks the person is afk though, maybe on autopilot, or watching youtube while mining, or maybe even left thier ship sitting at a gate while they take a dump.

So I think these cases could be reclassified as “Player vs no Player” or “Player vs Autopilot”

Player vs Lazy or Player vs Careless :wink:

Too late, it’s already come off as that.
That’s 5 to 10 for you, buster :smiley:
I’ll bring you oranges…

Make sure you hide a file in one of them oranges. :wink:

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Nope. It’s still vs a player. It isn’t the attacker’s fault the dude is AFK. That’s on the target and they deserve death.

Actually, You are right

“How were you killed”
“I died in a Player vs Autopilot battle”
“Oh. How was it?”
“Well, Im not using autopilot again.”


Could smuggle this in an orange

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Eve dev’s are not in any different situational to other devs making other games so I can use my experience from other dev’s to translate it back to eve its only logical.

You sound like a passionate fellow, you can’t really expect the avg person to be like that thou imo.

WTB Aurora bathwater.

Did you have it for the very short time veteran title allowed one to edit other’s posts on this here forum? That was a fun time! Probably sealed the fates of more than a few titles, though.

For a short time, we were like