The 2023 ganking is good (or Ebil) megathread

My word. So much fulminating in this thread. I get that no one likes to be ganked (or if you do, I won’t kink shame), but the potential gankee can take several measures to greatly reduce risk. My toons run around doing illegal stuff all week (Orca mining, mission running, Noctis looting/salvaging) and haven’t been ganked in 10 years. Oh yeah the last time was partly the result of going to the commode and leaving my toon afk for slightly too long. I still have a great time in the game while using every means I can think of to avoid the gank. Will it happen again someday? Very likely! I’ll have a laugh and congratulate the industrious ganker. Until then I will continue to play non-AFK and fly what I can afford to lose.


Why I have no idea, it is fun and exciting, makes a change to your boring day. And if you lucky, @Githany_Red and her band of misfits, might arrive to save the day.


You would be more likely to win the lottery while being eaten by a lightning shark.


…or win the lottery while eating a delicious dolphin burger. :blush: :innocent: :yum:

Or win the lottery then eat a delicious dolphin burger.

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I have been to the edge of known space and back. Flown in all of the levels of security. Dined with people obsessed with triangles. Eaten in holes in space. And I have heard the whisper of the cosmos.

What does it say pray tell?

Arm thyself brethren. With knowledge. Do not weep and cry and tear your clothes, imploring your overlords, who are in love with geothermal energy, to save you.

Learn the feint within a feint within a feint. Learn that the killing edge is the mind.

Ganking is merely a tool. Tools aren’t inherently bad or good. They are what purpose they are used for.

Learn how to do it. Learn how to evade it. Learn how to survive it.

Do not give in the cult of victimhood some preach here. They only do so for their own gain.

Arm yourself capsuleer. Learn how to move within this universe. Accept that death will always find you, and it will always be your fault. The key is, learning from that death to learn how to evade Him better. Until he becomes only a distant acquittance, and not a close friend.

Learn that the frontline is everywhere. Embrace it. Live it. Don’t cry or whine.

Fit up, fleet up and fly out.


An even better philosophy is to regard every ship as lost the minute you undock it. If a person cannot afford that loss, and do not have the ISK to replace it, then they should stick to lower cost ships until they can. What one can afford to lose should scale up as one has more ISK. But all too often people get ganked in ships that are their entire ISK worth…which is just silly on their part.

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What have you started.

Can i be judge of the funniest version

It would be a lot funnier if Eve was like this… ( watch to the end )…

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You want EVE to be like Oblivion in very easy mode?

Whoa, THAT is a bump