The 2023 ganking is good (or Ebil) megathread


Please people, get with the times.

It’s 2024, this thread is so last year.


Ganking is a mechanism that gankers have used to try and elevate their status in Eve Online. Their goal, kill as many barges as possible and other mining ships and haulers to keep players from wasting time and spending money on replacing lost mining and hauler ships. In the end, the total destruction of High Sec mining is designed to forgo the mining process altogether, so that players will have to purchase minerals and ores with real money to build the ships that are wanted.

Lol. I doubt ganking actually affects more than 1% of highsec mining. Trillions of ISK worth of ore and gas are mined regardless.

I’d love to see the actual figures and datasets that led you to that conclusion.

I’d hate to think that you’re wildly making stuff up that fits your ongoing narrative.

He has none, and that’s what Dryson does here. Has been spewing the same garbage for over a decade.

He’s a joke at this point.

This thread should be autoclosed some month ago.

Closed due necromancy