The adventure starts (A new journey #2)

Please check out part 1 here:

YC122, Dodixie IX, Moon 20, Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Previously, I finished the exploration career missions and bought my dream Heron together with some modules for it. I fitted it with a very basic and simple fit, comprising of the usual Core Probe Launcher,Data and Relic Analyzers and a 1MN Monopropellant Afterburner.

I also moved to Dodixie. I didn’t know why, maybe I just liked the crowd there. just finished my initiation and I was officially a capsuleer. I also knew how to explore the galaxy now but I didn’t know what to do. Before, I yearned to explore the galaxy. Now, I have the capability to do so but I’m directionless and stranded. So after pondering for a long time, I decided to take the risk by exploring the more dangerous regions of space. I wanted to go to nullsec and lowsec because I knew that with risk comes reward. I had to life to lose, technology had managed to transfer consciousness from clone to clone. From what I knew, I already had a clone in my home station that looked exactly like me down to the most discreet and private places.

And so, I did lots and lots of research about exploration in nullsec. Even after that, I still felt like I didn’t know enough. But one day, by sheer luck, I stumbled across a video of a very experienced explorer teaching beginners. His videos were different from in because he already set up a route for us. He could do this because of his vast sea of knowledge, down to which individual systems had the most gatecampers. Just to make sure his information wasn’t outdated, I checked Dotlan maps, a map software that was leaps and bounds above the Neocom map. He was completely right.

From what he said, a good place to do sites was the region of Syndicate. To go there he recommended going through Asanot-Genesis, Van-Aridia, Aguallores-Solitude and finally D85-VD in Syndicate. He stated that these systems were the safest and quietest placed to jump through. Just to make sure he was right, I checked each of these systems to see their total kills in the past day in Dotlan again. All of them had a big fat 0 kills. I had a short-lived problem though, I thought it would be quite time consuming to jump through all these systems, but in the end, the route was only a mere 19 jumps.

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