The amount of complaining y'all doin is startin to sound like that y'all inside that game Lemmings

It is all okay, not everyone is gonna make it back… relax =)

Lemmings is a classic, did you know that it’s nearly 30 years old?

There’s a browser version of it too, it worked in the IGB and may well work in the Eve Vision tool.


I was sort of hoping the ingame browser would run it.

Are you on drugs?

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What miight give you that iimpressiion?

I loved playing Lemmings! Later in life I felt sorry for the ones that horribly died on my command.


For many, many years I believed there was a two player mode in the PC version, only to learn faaarrrr too late that there isn’t.

Like what can happen in New Eden so there is really no reason to complain. The MC might make a call based on the best information at the time.

Same with CCP are our MC’s at a much larger scale and we follow just like we would in game.

Do y’all now understand the reason for the thread and the comparison with Eve Online and Lemmings?

If changes favour one group over another there will always be someone complaining and most changes will do that.

Complaints aren’t really an issue in themselves what’s important is what’s being complained about and how many complaints being made about a single issue.

As for ‘Do y’all now understand’ with your reference to lemmings, my answer to that is no. Although I did play the original Lemmings game, it was a good game especially for its time.

You can read more about Lemmings history here, from one of the creators himself!

The reference to Lemmings is like suggesting that in Eve Online we are all at one point being controlled in doing something that we sometimes don’t like to do.

but in reality there is no one forcing us to do what we don’t want to do
we just pretend that it is that way , while we dislike what we have and dream about space di&ks

I am a Lemming who will follow orders though. Maybe this thread is really about me and my alts?
Maybe I am referring to a particular event that happened just recently. Maybe this is how I come to terms with the result of said ticket I had submitted on the weekend. I can be confusing or I can come clean.

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I am pretty certain I will not be in trouble for discussing my ticket as it had been there for 3 days with no reply. I agree that it sort of might seem that I am playing dumb here but really I am sort of waiting and wanted to send some form of message.

Some detail,

The other week Miss Lily Flapper, the young Western lady who was cloned from the 1920’s former self, the one who likes to show some back of the knee to prying eyes. The girl of my dreams had come to experience some grief not so long ago.

Now this is a pilot who has a perfect zkill with zero recorded pod deaths in over 2 years of clone activity.
This is a pilot who would ride a giant with passion delivering specialty sort after items for Frostpacker.

This is a real Woman who would even venture into the most dangerous parts of space to come out squeaky clean.

Well the other week while sitting idle looking ever so elegant inside her giant Obelisk tethered to a Station in the middle of an Invasion was bumped off her life support cable into a sea full of infested Triglavian nastiest of slime whom proceeded to devour the flesh from her once beautiful Obelisk.

The explosion was devastating for Lily and even though Frostpacker purchased a brand new Obelisk she sites silently inside her capsule.

Many Frostpacker members all messaged her with well wishes though Lily stopped replying, No more emojis came from short texts. She even had stopped asking questions like “Is there anything you might need transported?”

Fast forward to 3 weeks, live had been hell around camp Frostpacker with shipments sitting in stations not delivered. Cargo gone missing in space, life inside New Eden had felt rather dull without my Lily being happy as her two most important questions had not yet been answered.

So I say to everyone, including my army of 30+ accounts,

It is all okay, not everyone is gonna make it back… relax =)

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thats it
you already had your answer
it was a lovely talk though

Ah… another connoisseur of tentacle porn.


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Don’t worry, it will all die down eventually.

This game has been around for a very long time. Almost every original employee and developer has moved on. The game has been sold for nearly a half billion price tag.

After years of seeing the game become imbalanced because of catering to self entitled whales they realize it is actually much easier to rebuild from the foundation up and will use the bones of the bitter vets who quit the game to create the new template from which to condition new players into the game and a more profitable future for business minded owners.

When the complaining dies down the more they keep rolling back the game into a different direction they will realize when they have succeeded by getting rid of all the players who have been playing well beyond their welcome to do so.

Out with the old, in with the new.

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I have the original floppy image, I run it on a DOS 6.22 session on VirtualBox. Native platforms for the win.


I have a still working Amiga 500; it comes out occasionally when I feel like a nostalgia trip.

Lemmings, Populous and Syndicate are my usual fare when this happens.