The awesome drone topic 🕹

Hello there.

This topic is going to be about drones. Drones today starts to be everywhere and more and more are just buying drones. So it’s just becoming more common. That’s why i think we need a topic about drones in general here.

Yes, i do have a drone myself now after i bought a ‘DJI Mavic Air (Fly More Combo)’ package a week ago here i live. It had been on my plans for like 2 years that i was going to get me a very good pre-built drone. So a week ago i got the oppoturnity to buy the ‘DJI Mavic Air (Fly More Combo)’ package to 999 dollars.

Here you can see what comes with the ‘Fly More Combo’ package:

Some few days later, i decided to order those 4 things to my DJI Mavic Air.

  1. DJI Car Charger:
  2. DJI Battery Safe Bag (Large) (extra safety for traveling with batteries on planes for example):
  3. PGYTECH ND Filters (6-pack) (UV / CPL / ND4 / ND8 / ND16 & ND32):
  4. PGYTECH Landing Pad (75 cm):

Here is a picture of the drone with all of it’s accessories (except for the 2 extra sets with propellers that came in the package).


So far, the drone have been working really great. I have had no issues with it so far. So i have been flying it about 5 times so far since i got it. And i have taken some nice pictures and some good video footages to.

Here is a nice 360-degree panoramic picture from the place i’m living at: (you need to use Facebook to see the real panoramic picture).

And here is a video i did put together from last sunday when i was at a place called ‘Stor-Kjølen’ summit which is a place about 25 minutes of driving from where i live.

Remember, i’m still a noob with this drone, so that’s why my movements with the drone is not that good yet.

And i know there are others here who also have a drone / have drones. So i would like to see you share your experience, pictures and videos from / with your drone if you have anything to share.

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Only problem i see here is miss of intel about this place. Remove music and talk more about current place its history, background and how it can help EVE in any way. Maybe CCP gona see it and they might get idea out of it,and create something awesome

Here goes my first video I have ever edited…
I know I have long way to improve but still proud of that first one.

Used DJI Mavic Pro Platinum


That was a pretty nice video actually :+1:.

Cant wait to make another one, I kinda visualize the effects in my next video, but I’m a bit short of skills…

I realized that i had forgot to buy one handy / nice thing to my DJI Mavic Air. So i had to buy this thing then…

DJI Mavic Pro Remote Controller Monitor Hood:

Yes, this one works with the DJI Mavic Air controller to as it says in the ‘Compability’ section in the link there.

Also, incase you are wondering. I’m buying all of those accessories from the official DJI store we have here in Norway (in Oslo):

I just found out that the DJI Mavic Air drone is pretty durable and can take one hell of a beating. Just look at this…

Drones Racing League
I accidentally came across this once on TV and couldn’t stop watching. The drones have cameras (of course), and the guys pilot through the courses through first-person view using VR gear. The drones do about 59 ft/19m per second. Finishes are always tight, the pilots have to push it to the edge to have a chance.
Some tactics and pretty incredible skill involved.

(BTW, and off-topic: A couple of us have been talking about reviving what the old New Eden Racing League used to do. I.e. racing courses in low sec, with PVP OK. If anyone’s interested, let me know).

Yes, I saw something like this, or another league.
They race for money and competition.

Hey there.

That drone looks interesting. But to 2500 dollars, i think that one is way to expensive. Just look at how much you get for the DJI Mavic Air for 799 dollars or 999 dollars for the ‘Fly More Combo’ package.

The DJI Mavic Air might not be as good as the Skydio R1 at flying by itself. But i think the DJI Mavic Air is good enough for the normal consumer in that.

It should be noted that those values are retails, not production and research costs, or study costs.

What is worth more to one cannot be the same value for another.

However. If that drone comes with a super great controller and an amazing smartphone app for the drone, then it might be worth it.

might be worth it, as in equally worth the cost, or making no profit, or making enough profit to justify the investment, or making profit but not enough to invest if there is another opportunity which should be invested in instead.

I can see how that wording can be interpreted to make it more worth it to those using it, rather than say, the authors, who would be forfeited of their work, and the value appropriated by other creditors.
Sometimes, they design new systems around that.

I couldn’t miss it for the world even without any luck and enough security.

From the first video there. I do like the 3rd drone and the last one. The 3rd one looks like a mini Mavic Air :smiley:.

However, if i’m gonna go really small drones, i think i would go for the ‘Ryze Tello’ drone though:

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Prefer fixed wing, myself. That actually requires skill and airmanship.

Alright, time for the real deal :smile:.

I just made this video from the place i visited yesterday. I used my 1 month old DJI Mavic Air to film it all. And i think the results is great if you ask me.

Remember to read the video description.

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Regarding the above-the-clouds crash video: How did the pilot stay in control of the drone at that range? It seems it would be way out of RC range. (Obviously I don’t know much about modern drones).

It didn’t.
His sensor only showed the cam output from the drone input as dark and , out of control.
The only reason the feed is available was due to data gathering after the crash.
The data was on the drone, and it didn’t broadcast it by radio signal to save power.
It was retrieved after.
Now, this is only a hypothetical scenario.
The actual data has hardware addresses as to where that data was saved.
Nonetheless, the scenario is close enough as to what would have possibly happened and how.

As for the range, if it is out of range or the range is interfered, it would lose control, or remote control, and whatever other control is on board would function unless other control took it over (or if the control system is switched).
The problem was that it ran out of power while in flight.
It would have needed other power supply, backup, or remote cap, or something like that.
I don’t know any drones who can reload from solar power in flight and cover all needs.
That may work for low end needs.

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