The Ballad of The Bluejaw

(I’m new to roleplaying an EVE character, and may consequently change details based on polite and constructive feedback. I hope you enjoy reading through these files, and appreciate any commentary you might have, in or out of character.)

The following transcripts were recovered from the estate of a now-deceased citizen of New Eden who took a keen–some might say “obsessive”–interest in the mercenary known as “The Bluejaw.”

File 1.

The Bluejaw has been a controversial figure in the industry of New Eden, not least of all for his shrewd tactics. It is my belief he was far more shrewd than people know, and the entirety of his success was centered on a single object: revenge.

The Bluejaw earned his name for his rather mundane prosthetic jaw. It is not a unique feature in New Eden, and some have taken to such prosthetics merely for their aesthetic value.

In the case of The Bluejaw, however, it would seem his prosthetic was simultaneously necessary and a personal choice. As a Capsuleer, he could have dispensed with all of his synthetics, but he maintained them.

The question of why led me to my interest in him when I worked for CONCORD, and his own career shaped mine. I set my eyes on working in CONCORD’s Organized Criminal Activity Division, and did well to rise through the ranks to my eventual position.

By then I had become convinced he kept his synthetics as a personal reminder. Our investigations led to several doctors we confirmed had managed his synthetics, either voluntarily or under duress.

One doctor recounted an instance in which he questioned The Bluejaw’s desire to replace a multitude of healthy, organic parts with synthetics. The inquiry was met with an increase in the payment the doctor received, along with a threat from The Bluejaw himself:

“Ask that question again and you’ll find yourself in the market for a synthetic family, doctor.”

The doctor went about his work quietly then, and was surprised to find he had been overpaid, but didn’t dare to ask further questions.

Such was the mercurial nature of The Bluejaw. Former associates who were incarcerated on various charges were offered a number of deals for information on The Bluejaw. One, Dryax “Coward” Ming, was particularly open.

“What is he? In a word, creepy, that’s what he is. He’ll shake your hand and look you in the eye, and at the same time make you wonder if he’s gonna throw you off the Athanor. Then you wake up the next morning with an extra million Kredits, but you still wonder if maybe he’ll slit your throat.”

It should be noted that shortly afterward, The Coward was discovered on the lower tier of an Athanor, the victim of severe head trauma. Autopsy results revealed his throat had been cut open immediately prior to his fall, in a most unusual and unfortunate accident.

In these records, I will present evidence to support a theory I doubt I’ll ever prove: The Bluejaw, the industrialist mercenary no one could touch, was previously known to Gallente Prime as Jean-Renard Michel Delafaux, and later as Von DeMoreno.

To avoid any accidents similar to Mr. Ming, I intend to secure this evidence until my demise, which I intend to delay as long as possible and endure under markedly less lacerative and gravitational circumstances.


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