The battle for Eric Snarski

Warning this is not a story for one side or the other .

Saying that I am biased being from the ranks of AG.

As many can see Uedama got hit with attacks from gankers , yesterday and all throughout the night (Eve time)
My story starts about 20:00 with logging and hearing a freighter being bumped at the sivala gate , got to Uedama in time to help rep the freighters shields .
1 failed gank.

It was obvious by now Eric was afk , it’s a shame he was missing all the fun.

The gank fleet was ready again and thinking that Eric was the target we got ready when a Providence dropped gate cloak , the cat fleet hit it hard , we switch locks , it was close at times with shields popping up and down but in the end we lost poor Mobley Lesley .

1 failed AG

Then a ganker Charon piloted by known ganker supporter Yekaterrina Alexeevna went flashy yellow. Under heavy fire made it to the gate and jumped , I was switching ships so had no weapons timer so I followed her into Sivala where she died.

2 Ganker fail

Now it was poor Eric again but one of my corp mates had her burst bomber ready to go . With all the other AG doing their stuff Lt Rita dived headlong into the blob and bang , the gankers lost locks and failed again.

3 Ganker fail

We all know what will happen when you poke a bees nest , well on the next gank poor old Erci died .

2 AG fail.

My time on Eve was from 20:00 to 23: 00 and a very good time we had , I hope the gankers had fun to . what ever side you root for come and join us Uedama on fire is a site to see.

Please do say if you took part and what thought.


At least somebody lost their stuff.
Wait, it was empty?!




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i know all that fighting for an empty ship, but it just became a point principal in the end and yes they did win in the end

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Maybe, Id argue that but I guess as long as people did something at some point thats something too.

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yes a good 3 hours of eve except for Eric and our short campaign to " SAVE ERIC SNARSKI SHIP" that was the chanting coming from local hehe

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Here’s my view of the Epic Ganker failure from my Alpha capable Sniper Cormorant. Managed to snag 2 killmails and more killmarks for my epic little destroyer.






We need Eric here hehe.

Oh I forgot to say Aiko seem to have a good time and was thanking the Mittani for all the ships for her ganks , so I’d like to say thanks to all the support we get , every gun and box of ammo helps out


I’m going to stick my head above the parapet and suggest that AG wins on principle… maybe half a dozen AG ships holding off 40-odd gankers, baying for blood in local…

Just imagine how hard they would fail, if we even had half their numbers… Or if I could control more than 1 ship without my brain melting



While it sounds like fun, personally as soon as it was noticeable he was AFK piloting a hauler through Uedama I would have sent an email saying “You’re an idiot, and this killmail is well deserved. We would have bothered to save you if you had bothered to be at your keyboard.”

And then moved on to somebody worth saving.

But I respect that AG does this for their own reasons and so good on you for the efforts!


Is that why Market Tycoon has all those unsold ganking ships in that Fortizar?

@Kezrai_Charzai , we understand your sentiment, but why would someone go AFK like that in Uedama of all places, did he have a medical emergency, did something happen that made it necessary to leave his computer. We don’t know, so it looks like various players decided to stand up and resist!

It could be that it was triple bulkead (not plated) and empty, so he perhaps thought that the gankers would not attack it and left it on AP. If so it was a foolish decision and it cost him. But keeping a triple plated one alive is actually easier than most of what we see and in fact he got that part right!

What we do know is that the gankers wanted to blow it up, so an effort was made to save it.

I brought a Nestor out for it, but after a while I decided to run to Ikao to set up a ship with remote hull reppers, I arrived on grid as the ganking fleet came at it for the third and final time.

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TBH, I see an AFK freighter pilot, I don’t think “heart attack? house on fire?”. I mean barring an extremely slim likelihood of true emergency, it only takes a couple clicks to stop the auto-pilot and dock up.

It’s 99% likely the guy simply thought “ah hey Uedama on auto-pilot, yeah sure no sweat”. So I stand by saying he deserved the gank on that one.

That said I did give the props for the AG group doing what they do regardless of my personal view.

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I have no idea, I suspect he thought that the gankers would ignore it being empty and with triple bulkheads, which was silly.

I hear you, the AG movement is a resistance movement more than anything else in my opinion and the number of times we see max cargo no tanks ship’s melt is very discouraging indeed, along with bad decisions such as this one. Though I suspect that that filaments have a role in the increase of such stupidity for T1 haulers and the like, why they can’ dock up and unload for more suitable ships is beyond me.

I bet they just want to create content. How that content comes to fruition, if even through a lazy/APing freighter pilot, is unimportant.

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We were monitoring this and have been throughout today. In recognition, we have created a campaign to help protect the trade lanes to and from Jita.



“RESISTANCE ! Is this a time to resist ? IT IS !”


It was a gank fail based on this information alone. No other way to spin it.

Adorable video :smiley:

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Uh no bro. He dumb and was AFKing LOL.

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