The BEST Idea Game Menu/ Account Timer

Hi team,
I have been playing since '06 and have always thought about a little idea which still hasn’t been implemented which I think would be a great idea,

I will keep it short and sweet as I know a wall of text is a killer,
I would like to know what you guys think about it it is also self explanatory.

“So you don’t need to close and re-open the client each time”

“So you’ll be able to track when your account will expire”


If you’ve really been playing since 06 you should know that the character swap has been brought up repeatedly and they’ve answered with how much Dev time it would take to implement, months of work just to save us 5 seconds. And who knows how many new bugs/exploits brought with it to do with swapping characters.

Yeah, it would be nice, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

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:red_circle: That’s a good idea and has been asked for for ages.

They’ve tried to add that more than once. Every time they’ve tried to put in a logout to character selection screen it has broken something else way worse. A way to see how much omega time accounts have left without logging in any of those characters would be great though. Not too handy for people with only one account I suppose, but for people with dozens or hundreds and several that are subbed it would be a nice quality of life feature.

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this smells like a big bunch of bs. months…realy ccp?

ps. the launcher is allready tracking the state of an account if running or not. how difficult is to pass back closing state result variable and restart client choice if it was restart code?

Ok, write me a novel, you have one week, it has to be the length of LOTR.
I.E. I don’t think you understand how much work code writing is.

you dont know anything about me.

On the contrary, I know you made a post in which either you were falsely calling out Devs, or were displaying your lack of knowledge in coding projects and how many lines are involved, plus how many hours are required to then test it.
I chose to be generous and assume it was a lack of knowledge. if you want to claim you work in the industry then the other alternative is that you were being deliberately malicious.

sorry sir. you are an idiot or an manager with no knowledge about coding, but big mouth.
i posted allready simple solution. every single process have one exit=result code. ccp should use and track it and simple restart client choice.

that ■■■■ exists on every OS…

parent process = launcher
child process = client window.

If you’re going to revive an old thread just to have an argument this won’t stay open long so please consider not.

Also, this feature is coming Singularity Update - 5 June 2020

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how could i overlook it… thank you very much! and sry for necro.

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