The Challenge of Enhancing Empire Standings

Numerous methods exist for diminishing empire standings, yet the opportunities to enhance them are limited. For example, empire standings decrease upon mission failure, whereas successful mission completion does not improve them, with the exception of storyline missions. Destroying empire ships results in a loss of standings, without any compensatory gain when opposing empires are involved.

The completion of storyline missions leads to indirect losses in standings with other empire factions; epic arcs stand out as the sole means to improve empire standings without incurring losses elsewhere.

Moreover, it is impossible to improve CONCORD standings; they can only deteriorate.

As a rule, advancing standings becomes increasingly challenging, while reducing them becomes progressively easier as one’s standings escalate.

Similar to security status, low empire standings can result in the destruction of your ship. However, unlike security status, there is no mechanism, such as tag redemption, to recover from low empire standings.

Collectively, these factors significantly complicate the process of raising standings while simplifying their reduction. It is hoped that CCP will address and rectify this issue.

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Oh yea. Some ship/structure types result in absurd standing hits of as much as -0.25.

Never ever take security missions against other empire forces. Especially the higher up ones which will include battleships. You’ll lose so much standing, and gain nothing.

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Yes, the standings mechanic is a tricky one to navigate.

However ‘The Plan’ is an excellent guide to repair negative standings as well as boost positive standings.


This is a great resource. Thanks for sharing. I’m currently working my way through missions to try and get access to L4s for obvious ISK related reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

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Trust is easy to lose and HARD to gain.

I stopped reading after your first sentence because I knew this basic social fact.
Mechanics should always reflect that fact.


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