The China Question?

Will the influx of Chinese players using VPN’s have any kind of impact within Tranquility and is this little spat with the Russians a sign of bigger things to come?

Что? :slight_smile:

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Nobody knows, or cares what you’re talking about. Try being less vague.

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Only during elections…

–Pollster Gadget

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A war between Russian botters and Chinese botters would be funny


This I would like to see :slight_smile:

And this, students, was when the AI wars began.
–History Textbook Ca. 2150

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Irrelevant, as China will soon block “ALL” VPNs as part of their major firewall upgrade sometime this year. Then the chinese will have no more access to the Tranq server at all.

I’m surprisingly happy about this. Not because of them not being on Tranq, but that it will cripple worldwide RMT sales.

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A billion-and-a-half-some-odd people will be more oppressed and you are . . . surprisingly happy.



If your going to quote me, at least leave in the parts of relevance and context, your not a cable news network.


You mean a war between US botters who pretend to be Russians and the US botters who pretend to be Chinese?


as long as they don’t bot, I look forward to the Chinese banding together in numbers and rampaging into null sec…ill even help them.

This will be a good thing. I should not have to be subject to ping all the way to a VPN on the other side of the planet. Talk about unneeded lag.

I’ve never required a VPN when playing EVE from China.

I’m not sure where that misconception cones from.

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Well there are two different Eve servers, one in iceland, one in China. You “should” require a VPN to access the iceland server from china, as china tried to block access to it. (Hence why they have a chinese server all to themselves.) Beyond that, I don’t know anything more about it, as I obviously don’t live in china, as I have yet to ask anyone to “bai isk nao, supra famiry speshral!”

Considering recent happenings, Sum Yung Gai probably is doing it just now on tranquility already.

I travel to China all the time and I’ve never required a VPN at any point in the past 10 years. Perhaps its a regional thing, but I’ve never had issues in any first tier cities.

I guess the point being; it may be a lot easier for players in China to access EVE that folks may realize.

Because some guys read newspapers which tell them that in China people can’t go to toilet without state control. And some guys don’t ask for the truth, as long as the lie fits their ego.


Or we simply read the eve bulletins way back when CCP created a server JUST for the Chinese, when they refuse to do anything but use a single shard for the entire rest of the “Planet Earth”, we obviously came to the understanding there was some issue with china accessing the icelandic server.

(Please don’t be an idiot and say it’s ping… Australians will punch you for it, and I’ll be handing them brass knuckles.)

It’s a legal issue for the publishers, not for the players. In order to sell your game in China, you need to be a chinese-owned company with a publishing license and such. It seems to be the only practical way to get a chinese playerbase. This has more to do with economic protectionism than with surveillance. And it certainly doesn’t mean that chinese players have to use a VPN if they want to connect to anything outside of China.

Does China have a large scale online surveillance? Seems like it. And so do the US and the EU. It’s just ridiculous how people from US/EU always love to tell stories about how poor and opressed the Chinese are, while ignoring ones own situation at home.

(Please don’t make an idiot out of yourself by assuming what others will say, in order to make tough-sounding statements)