The CODE Troll


There are no other ways to bait you. To bait you requires 2 things:

1: A mining ship
2: A hidden logi ship

You lack imagination


advice based on experience:

  • wipe the thread.
  • be active in local, without any baiting (demands finding a system where you get replies of course)
  • play the game and grow organically.
  • once you’ve established yourself in local, there’s a hook towards a part of the wider public.

personally, i think that your approach using battleships is less effective than using sniping tornados which can run quickly if they gankers with a big fleet able to kill a battleship. it’s more cost effective as well.

to be thorough: most sense would make bragging about your max yield mining fleet that doesn’t need to be tanked or protected, but instead uses a higgs rig and always moves through the belt, towards celestials or bookmarks. the slower you are at 75% of your max velocity, the better. two higgsed hulks webbing each other work. A higgsed orca webbing three covetors too (and them the orca). You have to be at the keyboard for this, though glancing at an overview is sufficient. :slight_smile:

Crawling through a belt at 8 m/sec, eating it all up, is fun! :slight_smile:

What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of her decision to announce her plans in full detail in General Discussion before the event?

Supervillain material right there.

Not disappointed.

Lack of experience i’ve hopefully corrected. we shouldn’t discourage those like the OP. They at least try. Our opinions about the attempt aren’t relevant at all, what matters is that someone puts effort into something, instead of just typing words.

We should encourage that, and help, don’t you agree?

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You are all seriously overthinking this.

The battleship plan will not work because it is simply too slow and you will in no way be able to lock the gank ships before your bait is dead. Not only have you a big re-calibration delay, but the cloaking device also has a sensor resolution penalty and it already takes ages to lock a destroyer with a battleship.

Yellows plan is to obvious and can easily be spotted by the scout, so the ganker will bring counter measures like a bumper to separate the ships before the gank. Also if the target just warps so can the ganker and he will not lose the ship because he did not engage.

In order for it to work it has to look like a normal mining operation. Miners have some of the most powerful and versatile ships at their disposal, they just don’t realise it because they rather play the victim card than to use what they have in the right way. I give you a little hint of what I’m talking about: Think some more about what the Orca can do.

But in any case, this all will work only once and if you try it again they will most likely bump your “bait” away and kill it.


That user also forgets that a sniping tornado shoots once every 10-12 seconds, after very 10-15 second lock, not enough time to actually kill a host of destroyers within the CONCORD timeframe, and god forbid those dessies orbit the miner with an AB at 500meters…now you got tracking problems too.

He’s obviously a CODE alt for attempting to post such misleading advice.

Also I’ve been doing this for a couple of months but they recognize my Abaddon/Procurer alt combo by name in local, so they don’t even try anymore. Since I can’t do it anymore (thanks to local) I’m revealing to others how I trolled CODE. So no, I didn’t reveal my plan to them, it’s already been done and can’t be done be me anymore.

What system did you do this in, and how many Catalysts did they use?

Both would be non-compliant.

At the keyboard, tanked procurer, T1 fit so the cost/ore ratio is kept low. Give a friendly hello to any CODE. representatives that happen by and don’t spend too long mining. Most importantly, have a valid Permit and display it in your bio.

I think that’s the general gist of staying compliant, however anyone mining in highsec is at risk of becoming bot aspirant, so you should always check your inner self to make sure you aren’t drifting that way.

Stay safe.


It’s a fail as procurers aren’t usually a ganker’s delicacy

Eehhh only if you have your turrets grouped to one group, which is a stupid thing to do when you know you’ll have multiple targets. my bad for blindly assuming you know, but most just don’t. groups of two, or having each on sinhle fire, are really helpful. your battleship just isn’t.

You’re not the brightest bulb, okay… and there i was thinking someone rational just wants to have fun, but you’re just doing it in hope for tears and it backfired.

Okay. vOv

Posting in a thread where CODE and CODE lovers got well and truly forum baited…

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No CODE. thread is complete without Dracvlad showing up and sharing his tears about bumping and wreck HP.

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So edgy really. Did you learn that from the kids on reddit?

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Actually from Galaxy Plughole…

Don’t let CODE lie to you. They’re funded by nullbear afk multibox rorqual bot miners who want to reduce highsec mining and make their own yields more valuable. If only we could organize a 100man stealth bomb incursion into their nullbear belts…

If only. There lies the carebear problem. You get nothing organized, ever.

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Sadly all you can do is make up some theoretical “bait” setup you never even tested so “someone else” can fight us. lol