The Crazy Gameplay Thread

A thread for all those crazy things one does in games, rather than actually playing ‘the’ actual game…

For example, in Microsoft Flight Sim X, I love to just park at the end of a runway in New York, turn the day time setting to just after sunset, and watch all the lights of the simulated planes flying across the sky, some coming in to land, etc…not actually flying myself at all. It is actually all quite relaxing and quite realistic looking. There’s something about distant planes…even simulated ones…that evokes feelings of far off places, etc. I spend more time doing this than actually flying !


Watching the skill queue as if it was a fish tank.


I once tried to travel from a jump gate to an asteroid belt by microwarpdrive.

Ran it for three hours just to see how far I would get for fun.

Space is big. :smiley:

I’ve often been tempted to switch on MWD and see if I can reach the ‘edge’ of a system and see what happens. Will it be like Aristotle’s warrior with a spear…who cannot throw any further. Will I fall off the edge of the world. The trouble is it would take ages.

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I just thought. What if 25 booshers repetitively booshed the group in one direction?

Ok, you rich null sec folks. Tell us what happens.

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