The CSM 13 Winter Summit Minutes are out


(Penance Toralen) #3673

This is how you fit T1 Haulers.

watch and learn.

(Arrendis) #3674

Awww, and here you were insisting it wasn’t you, Salvos.

(Proteus Onzo) #3675

I saw it happen.

(Arrendis) #3676


(Iowa Banshee) #3677

As a victim, watching your ship get scanned without anything you can do about it feels bad…

(Proteus Onzo) #3678

Scanning fit or cargo in HS should be a suspect act unless at war with them.

(Arrendis) #3679

Yes, because ‘you’re looking at me funny’ is always a good reason to shoot someone.

(Proteus Onzo) #3680

This is HS we are talking about.

What business do you have scanning the fit or cargo of a ship, unless you intend to commit a crime?

That you go suspect for that act in HS, doesnt mean defacto you will be shot at either.

(Arrendis) #3681

To the first bit: Maybe you’re curious about how to fit ships and you don’t know to look things up on zkill. You know, like newbies might not know.
To the second: So what? ‘You looked at someone funny so anyone can shoot you’ isn’t ok just because people don’t always shoot the person. That’s just ridiculous on the face of it. It’s ok to shoot someone because we know you won’t?

Can you please, please, just try to say something that isn’t completely boneheaded?

(Proteus Onzo) #3682

If I see you walking down a street, peering into each parked cars window to see whats in there for something valuable, you are definitely a suspect with intent to commit a criminal act.

Only legal authorities have the right to inspect a vehicle, and even then only in terms of crime prevention.

(Arrendis) #3683

and you’re allowed to shoot them? The ‘suspect’ flag in EVE isn’t ‘I suspect you may have bad intents’ it’s ‘a crime has been committed and this is the guy’.

So we’re calling that a ‘no’, on the ‘not boneheaded’ thing then.

(Proteus Onzo) #3684

Yes, in EVE you are allowed to shoot suspects.

Without a wardec in HS, you have no business scanning someones fit or cargo.
That you would do so, implicitly means you have intent to illegally aggress them, flagging you as suspect.

(Arrendis) #3685

You’re allowed to shoot people who are suspects because they have committed a crime. The ‘criminal’ flag is ‘CONCORD will intervene if you come into HS’.

Gosh, it’s nice to know newbies mean to aggress everyone.

(Proteus Onzo) #3686


Suspect and criminal flag are different.

I am saying scanning a ship for its fit or cargo, if you are not at war should cause a suspect flag. Its an invasive inquiry with intent to commit a future crime.

(Arrendis) #3687

Yeah, no crap. That’s why I just pointed out the difference there. A ‘criminal’ flag does not mean ‘you have committed a crime’, it means ‘you have committed a crime CONCORD will intervene over’. ‘Suspect’ means ‘you have committed a crime’. It does not mean ‘you are suspected of intending to commit a crime’.

You know what you can do to people you suspect of intending to commit a crime in HS?


Sitting next to someone else’s can and opening it doesn’t give the flag. Only stealing from it does. Why? Because you have to commit the crime to get a suspect flag.

(Lugburz) #3688

its not much different in any other ship class unless your slow enough to get hotdropped on.

(Annah Tsero) #3689


If you like cars, like real nice looking cars most people will take a look inside because they’re curious :joy:

(Lugburz) #3690

thats why im always looking into wimmins bedrooms from outside, is only natural…

(Proteus Onzo) #3691

In EVE, players can shoot suspects.

(Arrendis) #3692

Yes, my little moron, in EVE, you can shoot someone with the Suspect flag. This is different from shooting someone you suspect has intentions of committing a crime. Congratulations, you have now been maneuvered into pointing out exactly the thing that is stupid about your proposal.