The CSM 13 Winter Summit Minutes are out

Nope, you have to earn it be doing it, some people know that, get ready for it.


You are deficient, go up above in this thread and you will see people saying that they find structures boring etc., for years hisec mercs would only attack small POS towers and some people said that they are not attacking structures. It is said in this thread. Go and read it.

As I said they don’t exist so you have no idea about their cost, especially as you have no idea just what these structures will be like.

The Tournament score model wont work in EVE proper, especially not in this regard where we are trying stop the bleed of players from overwhelming wardecs in HS.

and while they will wait week for reinforcement timer defender station will be camped by attackers? What would change?

It’s a simple fact you both don’t understand: people don’t want to pvp, no matter what conditions you make for them.

You should, because Bliss is awesome.

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Who said the wardec structure would have a weeks reinforcement timers.

And its NOT a defender station.

Its the ATTACKERS structure, from which and with which they issued a wardec on someone else.

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Oh dear, are you comparing PH as they are now, Munnin fleets and capitals, as compared to those that used Hurricanes in Perimeter. You know what I was there. I saw it happen, did you? They were a lot lower quality then as compared to now and yet they still won and do you know why? Because after a bit numbers will defeat quality, the sherr DPS of massed canes defeated the bling fits and logi. I was there I saw it, did you?

So I am there then and I get a war deck, more pixels to blow up. Because when this changes back to hisec I will go. I am pretty sure that I could get a nice hurricane fleet sorted out in hisec.

THey don’t need fight themselves, you know. They can hire some other, more agressive and prepaired guyz to do dirty work for them. Now this is not an option, because there is no way to stop war for defender side.

Hisec corp CEO: …but that merc cost is high, so dock for the week and don’t feed them kills…

Where’s the difference?

because all structures are designed that way, it’s world wide server. People must have time to defend them.

sure because that is not abusabale at all… I create two corp one for agres second to defend from my first one.

Guys ideas are great but if you want to check if they are valid try this: How I would abuse the system?

I’d lay good odds you couldn’t get the same fleet to achieve the same results. Because they won’t be highly trained pilots.
Canes at the time were one of the most cost effective sub cap alpha doctrines. Which meant they could just alpha through any any logi, knowing that there was a limit to the ehp that could be on the grid due to the subcap limit of highsec. You are mistaking flying a T1 BC with only being able to fly a T1 BC and not using it because it was the best tool for the job. The PH of the time could field capitals just fine as well.

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There will be choice to make. and what you call high price? How many will bashing one structure cost?

To Jeremiah Saken

Sure, but if your alt corp will not end war - nobody will pay you. You can scam some people before reputation will stick, though, but this is eve all about.

Are you trying to indicate “social corps”?

NS will exploit the hell out of those to move stuff between HS and NS, and back.

All Corps are already social, including NPC.

How will NS exploit them any more than an NPC corp pilot can be ‘exploited’


Oh, that hook definitely got bites.

pay more than the structure and we stop harrasing you/defend you?

:slight_smile: Non-wardeccable corps are already in the game in the form of NPC corps, and used by nullsec groups and others to routinely move stuff about. A player-controlled non-wardeccable corp isn’t going to break the game.

Whether it is some flavour of the ‘social corp’ proposal, or something else entirely, there are ways players can be allowed to play Eve as a group and not deal with wars. Sure, these groups need to be balanced so that taking the risk of being in a competitive corp is advantageous, and I have no doubt that deciding on what a wardec-free corp should and should not have is going to be another firestorm of controversy, but I see no deal-breaker here in coming up with a system that keeps players out of wars if they accept some limitations.

Well, the forum suggests we’ve been at this enough so I’ll leave things here.

Again, choices to be made. Some will pay, some will fight, some will logoff and quit. But there will be options at least.

A number of years back I was in IRC, they were not as bad as people said, then Elo Knight FC’d an IRC Maelstrom fleet and completely destroyed a similar sized Goon fleet in the same ship. I was in that fleet, so what are you saying again?

They will have the same effect, in fact better, because of the T3C changes, in other words a much weaker tank and ability.

I am very aware what a Cane can do, with T2 guns and T1 guns.

That makes no sense at all.

Their main line doctrine was Hurricanes and they defeated the cream of hisec in bling stuff. The current PH is actually very good and has a lot of capitals. The one that defeated hisec mercs was no where near what they are now.

and we in the same place as before, nothing was solved. People don’t wanted to fight still won’t be.

This is because we have false perception about whole thing:

it’s not a WAR in the first place.

If by ‘defender’ you mean the targets of the wardec, it will not happen. Structure timers are set by the owner. The initial RF can be done whenever, but the final timer is always at the owner’s discretion.