The fail of EVE ONLINE´s developer CPP

I REALLY want to live in your world…or at least be as naive as you are…

What’s going to make you sadder is that there is really nothing out there that rivals EVE still…

Oh i’m not arguing against his naiveness…

I just wished i would not see the truth i see…but that’s not HIS problem it is mine… :slight_smile:

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It’s where the Eve vets go to survive when they retire.

When I read the replies I think the prevailing attitude is simliar to a quote I heard in a show recently"not great but not terrible"

I’m intrigued that some people think CCP is just a bunch of tards. Really?
Have you thought you don’t know CCP revenue?
You don’t know how much of these were “paying clients”?
I just checked the PLEX market and nothing changed.

Plex price drops almost 1 million per (approx. 22%) since BlackOut announced. (Even though I personally don’t care about BO or the effect it had on the game. I also don’t care about the change in Plex prices.)

Poster looks at this and says “nothing changed”. Seriously. How far in denial are you guys?

Pretending nothing has happened isn’t going to make it all go away and get better.

(Note: As the poster said though, ‘CCP Revenue’ is the number that counts. But since they don’t publish that, we can only look at what data is actually available.)

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You are aware this is what would happen if more people were buying plexs. Like during that special they had going.

Also Amazing that you cut off the start of the drop, as it starts in May.

Take a look at PLEX Volume not the isk value

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we need higher tax on all markets ccp ;/ - 5% is too low - make it 15% and market will be healthy.
and private citadels should have high tax too - speculation on such scale as it was is bad.
and we have to high bounty on rats, wormholes need to be nerfed…
■■■■… alot of work :slightly_smiling_face: ahad

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