"The Fatal attack"


10 August YC123

A few weeks ago, on low security Amarr territory ocurred a fatal incident, a Gallentean cargo ship owned by the S.P Corporation was blown up by unknown raiders/criminals, in result, the employees were killed, all the assets in the ships wer either destroyed or stolen and the CEO Javier didn’t make it either.

After Javier got a new clone in Botane VI our journalist contacted him for questions from the incident, here’s what we collected:

“Javier, do you know who and why they attacked a civilian ship?”
“I… Don’t know the details exactly, maybe it was for money, revenge or just bloodlust”

“As the responsible of the workers, what are the plans to support the families?”
“We’ll try to recover the bodies and send a monetary compensation of 5 million, but now I can’t do much now…”

“What are the plans to fight back the criminals?”
“None, at least for now”

“Before we go, do you have any last words?”
“Yes, even thought this was a critical setback… I’m not going to let our objective be destroyed!
And has a way to honour our employees, i’ll install a control tower in Dodixie, with a memorial in the interior.”

This has been the SCOPE news, stay safe out there everyone


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