The Federation Dares to be Great Again

(Jason Galente) #81

Yeah. I personally don’t like people like you. I don’t like inquisitorial people who go out of their way to take the most uncharitable interpretation possible. I think it’s an angsty, neurotic and nasty personality type, and I don’t like it.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #82

You’re certainly entitled to your opinion.

(Jason Galente) #83

Sure, but yes, I also do know Chuyo and her mind better than you do. She is not who and what you say she is. You wouldn’t even know. Why not sit down and talk to someone before judging them?

(Valerie Valate) #84

I was going to type that Jason is the least racist person I know but my comm device keeps altering things right when i press reply.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #85

Because that particular comment I made was mostly an indicative one, almost throwaway, merely an observation of what I view as a contradiction. It wasn’t meant as a criticism specific to her, but to all people who generally think that way. I’m a policy grad. My pointing out these things is basically a reflex.

So no, I don’t know her at all. I’ve nothing against sitting down and talking to her, or to you, on this topic or others. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone was going to even take notice of what I said there (partly because the other half of my response referred to transparent dresses).

Automations do that.

(Jason Galente) #86

I’d love to talk about it with you in the appropriate setting.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #87

Sure, let’s get in touch and set something up.

(Chuyo) #88

I know it’s not necessarily my, uh, you know. Y’know, my place or anything. I’m actually really sorry for stirring things up, it wasn’t my intent!

But if you’d let me sit in on this conversation, I’d like to learn a lot. Just send me a mail when it happens and I’ll try to make it.

(Diana Kim) #89

“Post-racial”, ■■■■■■■■.
Race is a not a social construct, bloodlines can be traced by genetics, they can be nurtured by eugenics, and these are all sciences. They study, they develop, they collect data and analyze it.

We all know Federal “policy” of making “post-racial” society - just interbreed like filthy animals, sometimes even engaging in intercourses without marriages, without following eugenics, damn savages and primitives! And whom do you breed with that? Disgusting revolting mutts, without “race”.

And at the same time you commit crimes agains people who hold to their race. You commit genocide, you threat to exteminate people of certain “race” who don’t let themselves to be absorbed into grey mass of gallentean “electorate” to become just another baa-ing ship in that herd. Look what happened on Caldari Prime right before Tibus Heth liberated it. “Exterminate all Caldari” - very “post-racial” politics. Is it like, what, lets exterminate all who are not gallente, interbreed like swines with the rest, and we won’t have any other race left.

That’s another crap Federals are trying to push. Nobody should have that “right”, and the whole concept of rights is one huge fault: nobody has any right at all. We only earn privileges with our merits. Or parents bestow on us privileges by giving us birth in their family. But, fine… I am going off the track, thus back to… “Identity”.

“Sexuality”. What the heck is that?! Sexuality. Isn’t it biological function, how even you can “identify” something related that?! That’s just silly.

“Gender expression” Wow… As far as I remember biology courses from the State, first gender characteristics are determined at birth, secondary characteristics are expressed at puberty. It’s a biological mechanism that expresses them without your will, it goes as it was set by nature, there’s nothing to identify. If you start re-identify yourself with something different than you are, in the State you’ll be just sent to mental clinic. Denying what you are is unhealthy.

“Cultural” Well, with that I’ll agree… partly. Of course, not because you have any “right” to choose the culture, but because you have an ability. You can study one and join one, provided you have enough funds for that and provided you will be accepted by members of this culture. Unfortunately, I’ve heard there are too many inadequates in the Federation who pretend to be of other “culture” just because they have this imaginary “right” - for example, same kids who wear Minmatar tatoos, or pretend being “Caldari”. Well, we just frown with disgust at them, but, as we have seen already, some Minmatars deal with these things quite… brutally.

So, what should it be like for you that your compatriots were doing on Caldari Prime? Extermination of certain interstellar sociocultural category?

And what they’re doing now? Mass murder of interstellar sociocultural category? Tortures of interstellar sociocultural category? If we shall not call it “racism”, how shall it be called then? Interstellarsocioculturalcategorism?

I’m sorry, but I’ll break my tongue trying to speak it out loud.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #90

As a half-Civire Achuran, Kim is quite post racial.

She must hate herself.


(Valerie Valate) #92

Anyway, I was going to make a point here, but people decided to argue about my metaphor, rather than the point I was going to make.

My point was, consider the case of a person born to ethnic Gallente parents, outside Federation space. That person then moves to the Federation and applies for citizenship.

Does that not mean it is possible to be, even by the stricter definitions, both ethnic Gallente and an immigrant to the Federation ?

(Tressith Sefira) #93

I regret posting in this thread, and I wish strangers would stop speculating about my personal, private life.

(Loai Qerl) #94

I’m glad you did! I’ve learned many things. It is…a little troubling, I think, a little sad, that reading these responses suggests that Gallente people, or capsuleers at least, they are angrier and sadder both than ever I thought. More self-determination, maybe, it wears on one?

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #95

Careful, Commander.

I think a good majority of the people here on this forum have had enough of your ‘contributions’ to these threads. I would call it a day and pack it in.

(Diana Kim) #96

It’s good to show Federal swines their place, Commander.
I wish you’d do it more often, because that would clearly reduce number of my contributions, if you would bother offering yours.

You remind me one of these… how they call it? Armchair generals? I guess it’s just easy to blame others in something you can’t even postulate properly while doing nothing yourself. Go ahead, show me that you can write good post against gallente propaganda, and then I’ll consider your words. Otherwise… excuse me. I have a State to protect.

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #97

I don’t need to prove anything to you, Commander.

As for the ‘Armchair General’ quote, I think if your career as a chartered State mercenary peters out one could always take up comedic routines as a means to earn your keep.

(Diana Kim) #98

Then don’t dare to intervene in the conversation I participate in if you have nothing to say on the subject, Commander. And don’t you dare to call me a mercenary, like you’re one of these goons who can’t read Caldari insignia, Commander.

(Julianni Avala) #99

You’re right. You don’t. That said, perhaps it would be wise not to give in to her disrespect of you. We all know that you are a proud member of the State, and that you have done much to protect it. Do not let the petty insults get to you, my friend. You’re better than that.

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #100

You’re embarrassing yourself, Commander.

And yes, Director Avala. I should not rise to the bait offered. Nevertheless, when someone is disgracing not only themselves but also the organisation that I have given many years of my life in service to, it is hard not to speak up.

(Diana Kim) #101

Am I?
Look at your words and at mine. Look and read them carefully. Very carefully. Then ask a question, who of us two embarasses himself. Think thoroughly and correct your behavior until it is too late… Commander.