The Fight Against Cheating in EVE Online

While I doubt CCP has 100% success rate, I do feel quite confident in their ability to distinguish bots from players.

I’ve also strongly suspect that there is a huge overlap between people complaining about overzelous GM action and the cheaters of Eve. So, idk… maybe stop cheating and you won’t get banned.


Thank you for the status update. Keep up the good work.

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As far as the GUI translation is concerned it may be,

but as for the local, I would banish any language but English.It sucks to fill up like an international bazaar. Especially when half of China doesn’t go to work. Sorry, I’m not a racist, but it’s one of those languages you can’t even interpret!

And the implementation of the languages in links is also flawed by CCP. Why is the ship name not translated when a chinese or russian player posts it in channel?
And the whole kill/contract/hyperscaming links, why aren’t they translated properly into my language?

it is best to allow a single language to be used throughout the game. You know the one.

WTB Language Hub like Infrastructure Hub :smile:


Damn right. Speak English in your country.

I would have no problem with a common language gradually being used everywhere. Would you?

Yes. Homogeneity causes limitations. The way you use language impacts the way you think. That’s most pronounced in things like how upbeat people tend to reinforce their positive moods with expressions of optimism, and depressive people often push themselves into a downward spiral by internalizing the negativity they express, but it’s also true of different languages.

Different languages, and different words and grammatical structures, produce different patterns of ideas. When those different patterns bounce off one another, there’s more chance for truly novel interactions. Multi-lingual people have a tendency to be more flexible thinkers, where monolinguists fall into familiar ruts more easily.

Even miscommunication produces novel ideas. Often, those ideas are errors, but creativity can be spurred on by those errors. Take, for example, literally every piece of fiction you know of with ‘Martians’, from Burroughs’ Barsoom / John Carter of Mars series to the Silurians on Dr. Who to the Martian Manhunter of DC Comics. It’s all based on mistranslation of ‘cannali’ (channels) to ‘canals’.

So, yes, I’d have serious issues with homogeneity of language. It’d stifle us, culturally.


You can continue learning and using other languages. There are also dead languages that are suitable for this. But a common language for the understanding of all cannot be wrong.

I speak three different languages myself, but I wish I could understand the others and not see 90% of the local at certain times of day in sign language.

Interesting…Very interesting… that you don’t see ‘market’ in that graph.
So all those market bots make not enough profit to get on the graph on their own?
Must be under ‘other’. For less than a lousy billion.

Then why did you screw over the real traders with stupid changes ?!?!?!

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Not how it works in practice. When you’ve got one lingua franca that absolutely dominates a society, people stop learning their ‘ancestral’ languages within a few generations. It’s why we have to study ‘dead’ languages, rather than just turning to people who still speak them.

Know anyone who speaks Gothic? Gallic? Carthaginian? We didn’t really need the Rosetta Stone, I guess?

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The funny thing I see , is that a guy was botting in PD ( project discovery) for a monumental ammount of 102M :smiley:


I got a 3 day suspension for “macro usage” last year. It took your support team 6 months to answer my support ticket, and after all that time I got told that they had “confirmed” I had used macro’s.
The bit that suprised me most is that I always thought you guys had someway to detect programs on pc’s to detect this sort of thing but as I play on a pc that doesn’t even have the software for my mouse installed I now know you just look at general behaviours/ timings on things and just guess




It’s actually about 5% (innocent in jail)…

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That graph only shows the isk generated/created by bots (as in an isk faucet). Things like market bots and mining bots may help players accumulate isk, but they aren’t responsible for creating it.

да да, я просто тащусь от этих фантиков.

Ég óttast að umbúðirnar haldi þétt við þig.

Hoffentlich verstehst du selbst, was du da schreibst. Ich bezweifle das doch stark. Jedenfalls tut es keinem zugute und ist überhaupt nicht nett, wenn man keine gemeinsame Sprache in einem gemeinsamen öffentlichem Raum verwendet, der Rest, was du geschrieben hast ist zwar nachvollziehbar, ist mir aber zu absurd, da nicht spielbezogen ist. Schönen Abend noch.

Miłego wieczoru.

da da milogo vezera, spasibo. siehst du ich brauche nicht mal übersetzer im vergleich zu dir,