The Fight Against Cheating in EVE Online

Sui pedo, gwador.

So just let the bots run rampant then?


They botting to get the Marshal BPC. IDK, I heard that way was used on Alpha accounts back in the days. In addition, there is a limited of available progression levels per day currently. To get that BPC on multiple accounts without botting is insane, I believe.

sam pidor.

Caro aegnín. Pithcîw car incîw.

Ĉu ni ne povas resti tiel simpla kaj uzi nur la anglan?

Fun fact:
In 2018 I worked for a few weeks in SE Asia.
There I met a IT-Guy , working as night guard for a internet cafe.
The local gouverment locks down them by night, so someone has to keep an eye on it.
So he was master of 100 computers, and according to him , he runs about 50 alpha’s and let them bot in the blue donut.
Doing Sancha Heavens and such stuff.
The ISK he changes in PLEX and sell them on eBay and/or Alibaba.
He told me (after some beers) he makes about 300-400 US$ per month.

@CCP: if you (and your boss) really want to fight botting in 0.0 [something I highly doubt] , then start with disableing auto-agro of drones and replace the bounty-paiments by something like blue-loot.


On many occasions myself and others have reported all kinds of bots and cheats the main one to worry about is the ganker bot. which ccp has chosen to deny exists

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This chart would be better as a stacked line chart, btw.

Sometimes! But since my point was (as I repeated in my last post) ‘new words make new thoughts’ the idea of pushing a single global language is bad.


Das heisst Tak, tak, dziękuję in Polnisch :slight_smile: Da, da, spasibo ist Russisch :slight_smile:


PS. It’s fake!

Yeah it should be german

This player has botted and RMTed on numerous occasions. Why does he still have his main.

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PS: I wasn’t using Google Translate for the Sindarin. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you can get it to work, go for it. :wink:

Acceptence of the statement becoming of the first. Squamish be kinship as the embiggened clade convertabluates cromulently.

I’d like to see a pinned thread as sort of a police blotter. Specific reports that got investigated, and the details of the cheat in question along with the punishment. You don’t have to name names, but I think it would help people that do those reported things, to stop doing them out of fear.

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Moinsch echt etzat? :thinking:

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I can tell you with 100M you won’t get the marshall BPC …
More like 700-800M isks in studying the data.
There are still counter-method implemented in PD , often I got the message " you are too quick" and after 10 levels you can’t progress for the day anymore.

What miss really in this chart is the one responsible for the change of the broker fee
Where are the trade botters ? They are supposed to be the reason behind these changes .
It can’t be the “other” curve …

the advantage back to those who make educated pricing calls is a clear statement of intent in the fight against botting.

Nonetheless I like what you are doing .

These changes will positively impact the market, and better support fair competitive trade between players . Once again, the commitment to fighting botting in all its forms in EVE is absolutely firm