The fight for Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS) Providence region continues!

Even better, take up the NRDS RoE in other parts of space!

You don’t understand. Here
Amarr Victor!

What are you talking about?

Recruitment standards outside of CVA were just awful. Look at what happened to Care Factor. Lost all their stuff to a Director scam.

You lost two Tier 1 transports moving crap about to HTP. Or does the above statement refer to losses on alts?

It was almost impossible to get blue alliances to discipline their members. There was a dude in -7- that was noted on multiple occasions running in NPSI fleets, arguing that killing neutrals in Low Security Amarr was a violation of NRDS because it was outside of Providence. Total BS, then one day he screws up and shoots someone in leadership’s alt, then all of a sudden, Furi kicks them and problem solved.

CVA got blamed every time a blue structure ( -7- US-TZ setting structures instead of EU-TZ were a huge problem ) got attacked and CVA did not save the damn thing, it was CVA’s fault, not the fact a group of 1000 couldn’t be bothered to have more than 10 people in the CTA fleet.

It was not a pirate corporation, but it was corrupt and did not act in the members best interests, that is for sure.

Shouldn’t you all be krabbing?

I am.

Come on guys! Join the NRDS Community in Providence. It still needs you!
Spread the word and see you in Providence fighting pirates!
And yes, I still prefer being a “meme dude” to being part of a group represented by the likes below.
This is who we fight:

So bad
From: Zilkaconnel Deadly
Sent: 2021.03.28 21:37
To: Caldranna,

Why do you still whelp endless for nothing at this point your just a meme dude, Uninstall the game and never come back thanks o/

Pirates of high moral standards crying in Y-MPWL local:

jamieyokai yokai > oh dang its gideon the no moral man
k9 cerebus > Gideon Zendikar what you spy and now hunt our newbros good up hill run boyo,
Caldranna > you guys took Provi from many little guys
Caldranna > and now you cry? lol
k9 cerebus > i dont cry i put trust into Gideon Zendikar and respect then he through it in are face
Caldranna > lol a lot of you guys were part of Provi and you betrayed it :slight_smile:

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CVA Space = Stain

Forget sov, who ever is leading the CVA effort must start understanding this. If you continue to fight for sov space You will always have some idiot landlord on your case and because you are NRDS you will be a primary target for many people.

The fight for Sov is long and hard, I’m not saying this is a bad thing I just think CVA has too much heat and you’re in for a very tough ride if you choose to remain in SOV. Managing sov space can be difficult and on top of that you’re trying to manage NRDS and neutrals having access to your space which is alot to deal with. I’m sure the people within CVA who directly manage these aspects are burnt out and stressed which is not exactly what Eve was meant to be about.

Come to Stain and limit your losses, help Stain become an economic powerhouse.

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Providence isn’t sov. Providence is our home.

Yes, I agree.

Unfortunately, I think that the problem here in this thread is that there are a lot of NBSIs that hate NRDS because they don’t understand how it really functions. It’s much more complex then “don’t shoot neutrals”. NRDS standings in CVA were not based just on you but your past as well. Once a pirate always a pirate…but if you demonstrated that you were willing to change your ways and not just trying to “go for the next fad”, then you could probably convince them to join. Except many were not really serious about it and got mad that they cant just hop into the corp like any other pirate alliance and commenced to hating NRDS in general. Also, neutrals could be shot at if they didn’t follow the rules set in place (for their safety and ours) so those pirates might have been shot down as neutrals when/if they broke those rules which fueled their hate even more as follows because…

Another thing that has not been touched on much is that NRDS was a challenge in itself and this is a big part of what made it so fun. All these people trying to play NRDS like it was some kind of sleepy PVP don’t know what they are talking about. NRDS is on another level compared to NBSI. You have to watch intel and filter out the neutrals, because some NBSI corps send in neutrals to scout us out before their troops come in. WE had rules in place for our neutrals to minimize this and find out who was scouting and who was not. If you don’t follow these rules, you could be shot down, but then again for the innocent neutrals the rules also saved your butt because if you were out ratting or mining and a potential red fleet were about to come in, that meant that a neutral had to learn to watch intel and dock when a potential fleet was on the radar. This is actually the perfect environment for highsec “carebears” to see a bit of what life in nullsec was about (ratting/mining/etc) without having to necessarily join some pirate corp/alliance. Meanwhile they also get to see a little bit what its like to defend SOV and hopefully maybe even a way to get some new recruits later so it’s almost like a bootcamp because the more we see each other, the more familiar we are and they can also help with the intel etc, get used to our acronyms and even later join…if they choose to do so. Those people posting here that now that CVA is gone, carebears can come to nullsec have it twisted. NRDS was already giving carebears the environment they need to come to nullsec. Not all players want to be pirates people. Some carebears choose to stay in highsec because they don’t want to be a pirate and/or are afraid of getting ganked at gatecamps in lowsec and nullsec. Provi was the only area that a carebear could go and not have to worry so much about getting ganked in a gatecamp. They don’t have the experience to know what to look for to find gates that arent camped and they don’t have/want to risk the isk losing ships capable of ratting or mining nullsec to a gank at a gatecamp or from roaming fleets. All you pirates forgot what it is like to be a newbie/carebear. Provi WAS that gateway for carebears…now its gone.

NRDS was so much fun to play and I really miss it but it is also intense. The fact that the CVA Coalition (because it wasn’t just CVA but a team effort with all of the other alliances teamed with CVA) managed to hold Provi for so long with the “handicap” and smaller fleets than most other pirate alliances should be commended and as sad as I am to find out that CVA is not NRDS anymore I hold no grudge. BRAVO. Thanks for the effort and all you did. Not all of us want to be “pirates”. Some of us want to be the “good guys” and on the contrary, I find it sad that there is this mindset that nullsec is only for “pirates”.

Too bad NRDS cant be more easily managed with in-game standings…or that there cant be some way to make it simpler to update standings quickly. Another thing people dont realize is that Provi was a common hot spot for pirate corps all over Eve. Few SOVs had pirates attacking in fleets basically daily and at near all times of the day. There were people who left provi and came back because it was more fun defending provi than going out looking for people to fight! (At that time…) Ahh the good ol days…sigh.


That’s the same as saying that NRDS sov space can never be part of a blue donut - reason being that one party dares to call itself NRDS ? That’s also suggesting that no one can still take and hold sov unless paying dues to “landlords/slumlords” in a feudal system. When these slumlords band together you get a blue donut, where they keep each other at bay (good for business) and everyone else working for them via taxes/rent (even better for their business). If anything, that state of the game (vis Serenity)*, if and when it occurs, should be challenged, be it by groups that call themselves NRDS or Goons or whatever they fancy.

Re-reading this thread and your post in particular: I understand you’re pointing out the apparent hypocrisy.

The real hypocrisy is that the NBSI community evolves towards a blue donut because they address the number one priority of their membership, krabbing for isk in safety. NRDS Provi had half the game on red because of refusing to be part of any grouping beyond their own coalition, thus accumulating red standings and KOS labels because of repeated invasions, often by the same major blocs. According to its own rules it needed to stay neutral at all times, never take sides. There wasn’t a single case, to my knowledge, of a group set red by Provi that considered Provi to be blue in return.

It was far too convenient for these content deprived large blocs and small groups alike to have a hostile Provi where they could come and shoot every day and all day long.

That is until one major bloc decided it wanted some practice in the new sov mechanics and curbstomped it out of existence, and leaving Provi bloc too spent to resist a lowsec bloc from rolling in.

That half the game was red to NRDS Provi was never Provi’s choice, but a consequence of being attacked, or for local rule violation, while the affected did not even attempt to get improved standings/not-KOS status. Diplomacy always goes both ways.

Could it have been different ? If NRDS was implemented from a position of power, perhaps. Keeping a low profile and appearing to act docile is not a long term safe guard, as proven. With enough passing of years, the batphones become disconnected, or simply lose interest.
Imagine Goons or PL declaring themselves NRDS in the past, the history of sov NRDS would still continue.