The game is NOW SO SLOW

I’ll try that to. The GPU is running at nearly 100% now after the updates

Instructions unclear, bought 25 Dominixes


Disable DirectX 12 in the launcher settings

DX12 killed my framerate too. I went back to DX11 immediately.

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Slow for you, choppy and sluggish for me. It skips and jumps like a drunkard at 3am.

Yes. Sometimes it’s so bad that 2 out 3 mouseclicks do not register :confused:
Sometimes I click 5 to 6 times to jump system, the game sits there like a dumb f…

In your launcher, toggle the Enable Hardware Rendering and see which mode works better. Also try turning off the DX12 client and using DX11.

Some people have used video card managers to limit the FPS of various windows because apparently the current version will in some cases run max frames on all instances.

Look in the Issues and Workarounds forum for graphics related posts like:

You mind sharing your PC/Laptop stats?

Show us how much resources EVE uses via task manager. If your confrontable with that

Because I play EVE on a gaming laptop (can’t get a desktop because of RL) I bought during the pandemic I use it for games/online college now and it has held up really nicely.

HP OMEN 15-dh1053nr 15.6" Gaming Laptop Computer - Black; Intel Core i7-10750H Processor 2.6GHz; NVIDIA GeForce RTX - Micro Center

It’s not carried anymore but the price was $1500 USD End price was around $1600 at the time it was a pretty good deal considering the situation in 2020

Runs every game I throw at it couldn’t be happier with my purchase. More than enough RAM, Gotta have that 1TB of SSD and I like the RTX 2070. (Yes I am well aware there are better models with better stuff way cheaper)

I could run 5-6 boxes but then my laptop would get hot… and I don’t box :laughing: Anyways my EVE single client runs fine! Anything I experience is server-side stuff with CCP. The ONLY issue I suffer overheat is when I do abyssal deadspace. It has to be the HUGE rooms and very very detailed graphics in the backgrounds.

Honestly, I think any slow responses is the servers myself. (I am on DX11 my laptop freaked out when it was set on DX 12)

Yes I turned the DX12 option off as soon as they added it so I guess I am on DX11

Thanks that looks very useful

so try to connect ur two brain cells :slight_smile:

To what end?

I enjoy the pace of mining as it calms my anxiety where and when I had undocked an alt to go shoot something other than a rock.

I like rocks! DO you like rocks? Rocks are relaxing to look at!

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But do the rocks like you? Being shot at, being drilled into and burned into nothingness upon being depleted of ore content must be a traumatic and painful experience. Maybe you should think of the rocks too not just your selfish desires of exploiting them. :japanese_ogre: :snowflake:

Talking to them would be weird don’t ya think?

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Well can’t see much difference compared to talking to other players in local. :smirk:

Now that is so wrong on so many fronts.

/side note, could also speed things up a tad…

Female pilot like [ AlexanderThe Great!)

You know this common saying - " they act sloow cuz they think sloow"?

not the only one buddy. The game is slow, the wait times are longer its all like its more of a time sink than anything else…

uPgRAde YoUr Pc. LOL eve is slower with 200 people in fleet than most AAA+ on max settings. Something fucky happend it was not like this before.

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