The Grand Heist - In Testing

Why do npc regions have ess reserve bank keys when those regions do not have any ess?

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Why does it have to be low sec why not seed the sites randomly across New Eden so if I need a key for my space I might have to go to my enemy space to get? Its as if CCP want to take all the important things ‘Nocxium, Gas sites and now the Reserve bank keys’ in eve and put them in low sec and make us forcefully interact with each other. After 8 years training the skills slowly now everyone can just buy them. My patience for this game is running out… Only thing keeping me in is the friends i made in this game rather than the game itself.

Keeping them in lowsec means a smaller area of New Eden will have people coming to fight and run the sites. This concentration is what made Minmatar lowsec so fun during the Liberation Day events which are ending today. I think it’s a great way to create interaction around some objectives.

Injectors have a reduced effectiveness as you gain SP. It’s really effective for newer players, does barely anything for old vets. You gotta provide some way for new people to close the gap that doesn’t take 8 years. And people can just buy high SP characters for similar ISK costs, so it’s not really the end of the world.

Do you REALLY think a relatively new player who has injected 8 years of SP is better off than someone who learnt how to fly each ship class as they leveled into it over 8 years?
I have a 12 year old alt with 8mil SP that holds its own against those with 200mil SP. Knowing how a ship works is far more important than the SP to fly it.
The only good thing about new players buying SP to skill into “better” ships is, it gives experienced players better killmails.


Lol, c’mon. Obviously they don’t need to inject 8 years at once.

But, for example, if they want an Astero because they have someone teaching them about exploration, injectors can jumpstart that experience.

Let’s see the killboard of your 12 year old alt. Hmmmmm…

Mate honestly… If someone has to inject into an Astero, this game really is as rubbish as some say. FFS an Alpha can fly an Astero within a few weeks.
Not entirely sure you understand what wallet warriors use injectors for.
EG; A few months ago in Curse I came across a lone Mach belt ratting, I was in a Stratios and decided it would be a fun fight. As soon as I engaged him he posted in local asking why I was killing him. While keeping him pointed I did a quick EveWho search, turns out he was a 3 week old char. I gave him a quick run down on MY Eve and what I considered he was doing wrong (as he asked), he thanked me, I let him go but promised next time he would not be so lucky and that others may not be so kind.

Oh and I post on a virtually unknown alt for a reason, what I do and how I do it ingame can’t be tracked.
I’ll make you a deal though, if I ever come across you with that particular alt, which has been Alpha for two or 3 years now. I’ll tell you who I am before giving you a pod express home. :wink:

@CCP_Psych All keys are lost when the server is restarted. I tried with 3 different accounts, both accounts don’t see the keys but when I look at the personal assets it still shows up. Keys cannot be exported in any way because they only appear in personal assets.

Jumping a few weeks ahead in training is a big deal to some people. That doesn’t make the game crap. And Alphas can’t use CovOps Cloaks. Why would they be in an Astero?

Good luck. o7

So instead of removing the grand flop that is DBS/MESS, it is being upgraded. Really?

Well, that means I still can’t sub or play the game. bg fu.


Congrats on updating the feature that literally broke the war, the game, and my will to log in.
But hey, you could save your goonie friends from well-deserved extinction, so it’s all good, right, CCP?

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The general system of the “Grand Heist” arnt bad. But the keys are the problem, in my opinion.
There should be several types of keys:
Stealing Key - You can steal max 75 mil, they are Solarsystem bound. Means you can use the CCP-US Key only in CCP-US

Split Key - You can steal max 150 mil and additional 150 mil get splitted between the ppl which contributes to the mainbank , they Region bound. If you used that key 20 times you get like a Sharing King Stabber Skin. If someone destroy a ship wich uses a sharing key 20 times, he gets the Sharing Hatter Stabber skin.

Sharring key - You steal nothing, you only share 50 mil to the ppl (splitted) which contribute to the mainbank, if you do that 20 time you get like a Mainbank sharing Stabber skin.

And those three keys also as fleet key, where you need at least 25 ppl in a fleet and in the ESS bubble to use it. Pay outs are four times higher.

Too complicated. I like the proposed rule set as it ensures the option for chaos. Who will use the 45min key? :wink:

The big question mark are the lowsec key sites. Locking down sites with alts due to a population cap, sounds like a bad idea. Just make them signature hacking sites, maybe combined with a real mine sweeper tank test.

Did I already say that population caps are bad?

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There are certain restrictions to ship numbers and class that will be allowed into one of these sites,

Does this mean players can avoid being disturbed by PvP by bringing the right number of ships into one of these low sec key sites?

Is it intentional that players can be immune to PvP in these sites?

I don’t think a ship numbers restriction is a good idea.

When will the sites be live on SISI?
What type of sites will they be?



I find the new ESS info on the left hand side of the screen extremely obstructive. It takes up WAY too much real estate of the screen. The old bar was much better, more subtle. The design team can do better than this.

LMAO did CCP actually put a LIMIT on the number of ships in these lowsec sites? How did that ever get past the design phase? Do they not know this is a PVP game? Everyone knows the obvious outcome here is nerds will cram these sites with their alts and farm keys with complete safety. Here I was excited that we may finally see a positive change to bring people to lowsec

The mechanic will even not provide fleet content, as there is no point to guard or hang around if you got the three ships in. Maximum 3 people are involved … in reality one player with two alts. The only race is, who gets 2-3 ships in first. Super boring, and vey anti-EvE.

But you know in the last event with pop cap in lowsec sites, they just declared hanging around in sites without PvP or PvE an exploit …

… tinfoil hat … this is to give the nullsec carebears a chance against the lowsec PvP pros.

… really, just make it super hard like sleeper caches + ghost site. But scratch all those special rules.


If I go with how some people have interpreted it: - an alliance/corp/gang can just quick steal a small portion of their own ESS, and wait - to prevent/stall others from getting to it, or will there be continuous access to attack the ESS with several / continuous available keys to same systems ?

The key unlocks the fountain for 15 or 45 minutes, during which everybody on grid with the ESS can get a payout every minute. The usage of the key is announced to everybody in the whole region.

Expect everybody and their mother show up shortly after you activate a 45 min key.

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But if you go with the short time key, the Bank does or doesn’t close for a certain amount of time until next attempt can be made (or is it just accessible to robbery continuously in short succession )?


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