The Havoc content, in it’s current form will physically and mentally hurt players if continued

Sorry? I am a High-security dweller and knight and I have never lived in a state of constant worry. Why are you speaking on my behalf? Citadels are being blow up non stop, last time happened around Hek in the name of anti-piracy.

sorry? it gives an incredible reward, juicy extra LPs for the miners/carebears operating in this region.

This is similar than trigs/edencom. Edencom are the HS-miners with a grindy mindset, while trigs are the chad alpha individuals. Same applies in this case.

If you defend the system, you are going to get awesome LP bonuses to improve your grind. I believe for a miner thats a perfect reward.

You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.


Finally a sensible response.
It’s a game.
It is not life.
Log out and go and do something else.

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very simple answer to this, dont make eve your life. its a game, not a job. treat it like one, and you can only blame yourself for burnout. literally just a game. so cope, or touch grass would be my advice and not worry about eve like its a lifestyle


I’ve been taking off work for 20 years to play eve. But then again eve IS life and suck it up buttercup. pirates are having fun. Stay in highsec and your mostly safe. Militias were meant to defend the empire. Complain they aren’t good enough or something. after 20 years of changing i see possibiltys you wont. Lets see what happen in a few months. Farmers will return after they have made enough.

No. This is hands down the most fun I’ve had in Eve since I originally joined in 2008. Havoc is what brought me back to the game as an adult pushing 40 with a family and a full time job.

If you don’t have enough self control to prevent damaging your own health and life, understand that about yourself, and step away.

You don’t get to damage everyone else’s experience because of your own poor choices.


The grind mechanic of FW is not the most fun, with that point I will agree.

All the rest of it seems like someone who’s infrastructure was suddenly at risk when it hasnt been for a very long time and wants CCP to remove that risk

If you want that level of safety then you might want to relocate further from the WZ so you dont get corrupted.

No one is forcing you to do anything in Eve. If you feel that way you need to consider your position in New Eden - do you have masses of infra, that would be difficult to defend? Can you grow your group accordingly to support that? Do you need that infra? Does it generate income that you can pay someone to defend it?

The notion of taking drugs to play eve in the first paragraph of the OP seems like gigantic hyperbole. If people want to take leave from work to play an update in their favourite game - that’s their choice
But yes people should be wary of compulsion.

Overall, I think there is nothing wrong with Havoc, I am sure the numbers will need to be iterated as it loses its flavour of the week status and the landscape adjusts but nothing too significant imo

  1. Everything that’s in space in Eve SHOULD be at risk, it’s kind of the core tenant of the game. If you feel like you need to play the game for 40 out of 48 hours and are getting burnt out or feel like your group has no hope of defending your assets, then you simply have too much ISK in space at risk. This isn’t a game problem it’s a “you made poor decisions” problem. There will always be a bigger bad that can come blow your stuff up. Plan for it. That 25b Azbel tough for your group to replace? Well then maybe you should have a couple Raitaru’s instead.

  2. Eve is a video game, it’s supposed to be fun and not be a job. If you’re burnt out or tired or don’t feel like logging in then…JUST DON’T LOG IN.

  3. The pirate sides will almost certainly calm down and have participation levels balance out. Making major structural decisions based on the first 2 weeks of a brand new expansion is dumb.


simple answer to that, dont let it affect your health. its a game, its not life. if you feel like your overworked with eve, its probably not a game for you

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Of course you’re Minmil lol. I get it, your space is getting torn up for the first time in a long time and Minmil will say or do anything to get CCP to give them an edge. It is honestly pathetic.

The reason it is difficult for you to suppress systems is because you are outnumbered badly, currently. This is what Amarrmil has been dealing with for literal years, funny to see Minmil whine about it when they do not have numerical superiority.

Don’t like the grind? Losing sleep over it? Log out. That’s what happened to Amarrmil, go ahead and do the same.


This battle report is completely messed up. There are pirate factions, mixed with nullsec factions, mixed with Empire militia factions. Garbage BR, redo.

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1 insurgency a month. So Min Mill should only get one battlefield a month? I’m a pirate. And I sure don’t live or go to Null. As for the pirates making bank, really. Look at our ship build requirements compared to any of the other Faction ships. Get over yourselves. If you are stressed and find the game to much. Log out and take a break. Don’t try to break the game for your semi high sec possessions.

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If you are tired of FCing all the time, get more FCs or just don’t FC all the time. This is a game, don’t put more of yourself in than what you enjoy doing. If you don’t like fighting over space, then find another activity, or take a break from it. I’ve only been active with every other insurgency and then I’m off doing other things, but some people love doing this every day and they should not have to wait to experience more of the same content.


Crimsomjade, Axium Cog, El Profii, Jeod Hanaya, Dak Rattler, Coly, Malak Starfire are all playing Angel content and as such have a vested interest in minimizing the concerns I have voiced.

Garce Courtland can’t be found on zKill.

You are all trying to detract from legitimate health concerns for reasons unknown. This isn’t about risking stuff, it’s about player health and CCP’s duty of care. Shame on all of you for trying to infuse this with partisan politicking…


I don’t know how you can say this with a straight face, and earnestly believe it.

The ultimate responsibility for personal health is the self. If someone is making Eve their whole life and their meatspace self is suffering for it, please stop, log off, and seek professional help. CCP Games is emphatically not that professional help.

There is no „partisan politicking“ whatever that means. Meaningless word salad.


They will argue some people can not help themselves like gambling addicts and such. So in that case their family and friends should be there for them. And in the end it is not a corporate entity’s duty to be your healthcare supervisor.

Besides they already give extra attention to hypernet / gambling as there is an option to opt out of it by player request so if someone knows they can’t resist gambling they can have the feature disabled for them.

The HyperNet Relay may not be available to players in certain territories. It can also be disabled by player request through a support ticket.

Obviously this is just an example and they can’t have an opt out option for every single feature of the game. Sometimes people have to take responsibility for their actions and seek help if needed.

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Kaver Linkovir is part of MinMill and so has a vested interest in maximising the concerns of Minmil.

I fight for Angels so I have a vested interest here too.

If Angels dont do so well in the future because our numbers are low or we dont have enough FC’s online then I’ll try to get more players involved and start trying to FC more myself. I wont be coming on forums complaining to CCP to get you nerfed.

I am slightly concerned for your health, are you taking regular breaks? going for walks and eating correctly? Eve is a great game and people will decide how much effort and their life they want to put into the game but please remember you’re a human first.

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As I reminded people above that EVE is a game, I’d also like to remind everyone that individual responsibility and responsible business practices are not mutually exclusive.

Why not both?


It’s a fine line. People can be for both. “Responsible business practices” are as Uriel said: around gambling due to widely recognized addictive elements. Namely, games of no skill and pure random chance.

A toxic militia culture that pushes leaders and line members to no-life a game over a pirate insursion is not a game of “no skill plus pure random chance”.

On the one hand, it is great to get people invested in content. On the other, it’s on your own leadership and culture to self-police the right level of investment. Unilaterally asking CCP to tell Angels to have their content ■■■■’ed off and evaporate to make up for the MinMil culture/mindset is not going to be appreciated.