The Jodi Arias Case - You all know her

Some new data.

Being an amateur astronomer and astrophographer. some of my early photos were, less than perfect.

I went back through the “People in Travis Alexander’s Eye” photo and compared them with my photos of Vega taken on 10.11.2019.

The first image is the reflection in Travis’s eye.

The second one is the photo of a star I took through my telescope.

Notice how they are nearly the same?

The reason the light in both images appear to be very similar to because of the settings of the camera. My Smartphone camera, an LGE/LM-G710VM, was set to 1/3 a second shutter speed and 3200 ISO + the 127 mm optics of the Star Max Rig aka (Strawberry B*tch, named after a WWII B-25)

Therefore the settings on the Cyber shot DSC H9 that took the photo was also close to the 1/3 sec and ISO 3200 of my camera.


Going outside I took a photo of myself with camera. Using a filter in GIMP called Neon, I adjusted the photo. You can see the same reflection in both pf my eyes. This means that there would be two images of Jodi in both eyes and not one.

But since we don’t have a shot of both eyes we can still use Travis’ right eye.

Still only an amateur astrophotographer, I have noticed that the artifacts, other things captured in the photo based on the setting of the camera, tend to have two or three residual images left behind due to how the camera captures and transfers the light photons into the storage of the camera.

Therefore there should be a residual image or another reflection in Travis’s eye. Light bends around a sphere, which has been proven. Therefore light would have bent around the cornea of Travis’ eye

I then moved the image to Corel Paint Shop to use an effect called Infra Red.

If Jodi had been behind the camera and taking the photo, then her heat signature would have appeared as a pattern in the image of Travis’ eye. In the image below that has had an infrared filter added to it. The photo completely changes. Thus proving more accurately what was taking place at the moment the photo was taken.
Uses of Infrared Technology Radiation

One of the most common uses of infrared radiation is in heat-sensitive thermal imaging cameras. These can be used to study human and animal body heat patterns.

Original image of Travis’ eye with infrared filter applied.

Pupil area enlarged.

Pupil area annotated.

In this image of Jodi you can see the peak on her forehead that appears in the above image as well.

That is definitely Jodi behind the camera. But where are her legs? The infrared would have picked them up if she was standing up. Therefore she must have on both knees when she took this photo.

Jodis Peak1

Jodi said that there were two other people in the house that night. Ninja’s she called them. Ninja’s are very capable of hiding in the darkness or from a direct snapshot taken of them.

So who are the two people that are creating the infrared signature to the left of where Jodi is standing?

It also appears as if the man has his arms around the woman and is holding on to her waist.

Drugs are bad, k?

That’s a bit sweeping, some drugs are really nice…

Typical cliched and popular response when you don’t have an answer.

The only relevant answer is “only someone on really good drugs could find this idiotic nonsense compelling or worth posting about”.

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