The like and get likes thread II

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Eventually i just moved Ish to Sol, over there at Elite: Dangerous. Been visiting a few places, probably will keep doing. And now i’m off to bed. Nighties lovelies!

Also: think of one icelandic word you know…

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More Super Poopers - and oh so Punny

:superhero: image

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This thread started to look really crappy! Please stop those links coming! :no_good_woman::joy:

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The world is ending, timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

This needs some proper emotion bringing visual message.

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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

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But Nana, it is ‘opposite day’. MORE POOP! POOP SHAPED ALIENS! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Eh if its opposite day, then I give everyone this:

best poop indie game ever. :poop:

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Then there is a very short story with poop mentioned in it:

It is really fascinating how pooping and peeing is almost never mentioned in movies or books. Isn’t it? Almost as if there is a rule or law forbidding it.

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Looks like not everyone feels happy in Omelas, so they leave it. :thinking:

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Earlier this morning in Barcelona, the air was exceptionally clear and crisp…

Those are the mountains on the island of Majorca, as seen today from the mountains in Barcelona.

Those mountains on the horizon are 200 kilometers (125 miles) away.

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Not bad considering it’s hard to see 50 miles from here on a good day.

As for the Doomsday clock, they now include Global Warming, as well as other scenario.
The report mentioned it was never so close as in 1953, which is 14 years before I was born.
I however found more evidence of facts in regards to and related to source of support and associations by parties trying to forfeit my work, information I gather such as the evidence here mentioned, and other scientific facts, even as they are themselves trying to make me seem to be a threat to them, despite their own behaviors being extremely more dangerous, in attempts to cover it up, and justify to deny me means to defend myself, in hopes of selling me false sense of security.
I think the scheme or whatever it is has been going on for long enough, and even way too long in fact, so much so that it caused the worst problems to my family since we started to exist almost 200 years ago.

At least the scientific data is getting more accurate, even if my whole family is worthy of science.

I also do save my forums posts, and intent to copyright them with the related descriptions, even if it is only going to be published to myself since there may be no other way to keep records of those writings even if I am the rightful creator and owner of them.

Lots of people like to attribute themselves with property of others, and spoils of war is just another of those ways, not to include or including convoluted methods of representation of facts intended to control those things.
Can I have your stuff may seem similar to some extent, however, if you can’t have the stuff, it may very well be that the stuff was acquired without potential to be approved for legit transfer.

4 days late is a lot of minutes after midnight (published on Jan 21, 2019)…
Even if we are still here…
No Cinderella story there.

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hydrogen cell vehicles future looks bleak :thinking:

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They’re a good concept if you can’t be bothered with efficency, but they lack industrial weight to succeed. They’re a mature technology whereas electric batteries still havee a long way to go, even if handling large amounts of electricity will always be trickier than handling the same energy in a chemical form.

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And now, i’m off to bed! Nighties lovelies!

Also: 120 fakes-per-second ingenuity! :rofl:

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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

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Timezone :kissing_heart:

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Oh, it’s truly a pure invention, there is no such thing in fact.

I just can’t wait to buy her a new phone so she can finally reach me, with internet on it, in it, and through it too! Right from the start, or after the SIM card.