The like and get likes thread II

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One year ago…

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How time flies…

My newest earworm:

Alice has the appearance of a 45 year old man in this video. But that was 1989. He was actually 41. Today he is only 71. Another example of a late bloomer I guess.

Good night, lovelies. :heart:

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2 ms Ping is 3.5 times better.

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Beddy time for me. Nighties lovelies!

Also: this cool version will blow your mind.

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Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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Future predicting is risky business, just like predicting what people will do on the road. Maybe its better to just make all cars autonomous so they communicate with each other.:thinking:

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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

That’s like next door. There’s also hardware lag. How do you expect any ISP can supply that? :thinking:

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Insert, not all cars drivers can fly airplane or jet fighter when they do the test.!
(Even choppers, like drones choppers, most drones don’t fly straight like the 246 Predators.)
(The Predator’s infrared camera with digitally enhanced zoom has the capability of identifying the infrared signature of a human body from an altitude of 3 km ( 10,000 ft ), making the aircraft an ideal search and rescue tool. The longest declassified Predator flight to date lasted for 40 hours, 5 minutes.)

Most of them is because they don’t have the skills, or shouldn’t.!

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office may have been opened when the copyright office opened at 10:30 AM after which I verified if they were opened.
I still can’t afford my next copyright registration for $55, not $35, since the ones I now register are too complex for $35 only, even though I may be able to make alternate versions which would be possible to admit, even if not admitted, as registered.
This is also even more critical and crucial, since there are parties who seek to forfeit the said copyright(s) in question, and which copyright registration also relates to copyright registration and their related systems, for security, and for security of nations.

And yes, it does have to do with expression, opinion, and intellectual property, as patent do, and also as trademark do.

@Nana_Skalski (there is another @Nana_SkaIski) , what is this :
Carl Sagan’s 1994 “Lost” Lecture: The Age of Exploration
It’s just about when I graduated, 1 year after I got robbed of my graduation work, which I still work on for 25 years +, and 1 year before I incorporated my first business corporation.

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You think I forgot? Yes, I did for a while. :grin:

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Looks like mayonnaise in that fridge, I approve. :sunglasses::+1:

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What are your thoughts on Heinz’s ‘Mayochup’? Have you had the chance to try it? What about mayonnaise with garlic in it? Do you approve these two as well?

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I use mayo and ketchup together but from separate bottles, its actually better to dose and to fit your taste. With premade stuff its a bummer when you want more ketchupy taste or more mayo. As for garlic with mayo, that always tasted weird when it was bought as premade stuff, a lot better results I had by buying them separately and then using both on samwiches as I like. And garlic is so versatile it can be used in a lot of ways in many kinds of the foods. So I am a fan of buying everything separate.

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Nana the resourceful. :sunglasses:

Good night, lovelies. :heart:

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“One of the pitfalls of a robot-only workplace: they can’t smell the smoke…”

“This building is not meant for humans… so for firefighters trying to get in that high and to make an effective fire-fighting strategy, it has been very difficult,”

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So it was a robot warehouse (I actually brought a video of it when it opened). It had a top-notch sprinkler system.

And yet it burned its sorry ass down to the basement, and by not being designed for human access, it made more difficult to fight the fire and likely casused greater damage -to the point that some parts of the building might collapse.

What can I say… Burn, robot, burn.

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This video above is showing how eve WiS could have looked. :ok_hand:

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It takes good AI for the robot to smell the smoke, or, prevent fire.
But that’s not part of my contract!

We use the
“Request for Systems Services” form.
When the company does not give us the authorization to work on the project, it would have to be illegal for us to prevent to fire.
To add insults to injury and what not, when the pay scale (or scope) is too minimal for the work to be worth it, it’s also not fair for us to do the work in those conditions (both the first condition above and this following condition too!).

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Allt he little robots who didn’t burn today, will go sleep unitl tomorrow… nighties lovelies!

Also: so this is how it looks in the inside…

I wonder about the engine pod rooms, though… :thinking: