The like and get likes thread II

But you’re almost there, how did you level?
Did you do instances?

Perturbative Quantization of Gravity Theories
Z. Bern (UCLA)
(Submitted on 27 Feb 2001)

Synopsis: Wrestling with Infinities
November 23, 2011
Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements
Volume 88, Issues 1–3, June 2000, Pages 194-203
Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements
On perturbative gravity and gauge theory☆
On Perturbative Gravity and Gauge Theory
Front Cover
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center., 2000 - 5 pages
0 Reviews

The authors review some applications of tree-level (classical) relations between gravity and gauge theory that follow from string theory. Together with D-dimensional unitarily, these relations can be used to perturbatively quantize gravity theories, i.e. They contain the necessary information for obtaining loop contributions. The authors also review recent applications of these ideas showing that N = 1, D = 11 supergravity diverges, and review arguments that N = 8, D = 4 supergravity is less divergent than previously thought, though it does appear to diverge at five loops. Finally, the authors describe field variables for the Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian that help clarify the perturbative relationship between gravity and gauge theory.

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Fake it till you make it.


Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:


Since Stranglethorn Vale is horde infested and unplayable, I had to do quests in Dustwallow Marsh. There weren’t much quests so I did all the quests, then farmed Scarlet Monastery until level 40.


Scarlett Monastery is good to level and there are some good drops as well to get from there, depending on your class.
There used to be a list of instances with level ranges to enter.

World of Warcraft instances by level

Instance Name Abbreviations Level Range
Wailing Caverns WC 17-60
Shadowfang Keep SFK 17-60
Stormwind Stockade Stocks, Stockade 20-60
Blackfathom Deeps BFD 20-60

Now, those ones above list to 60 but it’s obviously not worth it to level in each of those after a certain level.
That is when it’s better to move up to the higher level instance.
The only reason when it’s not, is when there’s no one to enter, and it’s faster to enter in the low level one to get loot.

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One of those alien psychos has blown one of my planets. Unfortunately i’m late in the 5th game and won’t have time to xenocide him, but maybe next game i will make my goal to fukking wipe out his empire. The irony is that I am playing a pacifist faction, but I doubt there’s a way to win just peacefully… The fire-that-destroys is needed to deal with space psychos! Not the less funny twist, now I am allied to the Horatio, after he’s been pestering and wardeccing me all game… he allied with my ally and as war makes strange bedfellows, now we fight a common enemy. :thinking:

Nighties lovelies!



Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:


Hmmm… your inner tiger looks like it ate all your other inner animals… :grin:


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I agree with what you say. However,dungeon groups take time to form. That’s why it is easier to quest instead.


Well, that’s just it, you have to measure how long it takes to quest and enter instance.

It is harder to enter than to do the instance.
It may take longer to do the instance, however, you get more loot.

You can also quest while you wait to join the instance, although they may have changed that.
(They used to have Summoning stones, but not at start of classic).
(…Because , when the summoning stone calls you, and you are questing , you just teleport to the instance entrance automatically…)

It also depends which instance you try to join.
It also depends which class you try to join as.

For instance (/example /practical example) :
my best class to join instance was with a Tank Warrior.
I also added a DPS Warrior, so that I had more chance to join faster.

If you are a Paladin, you can add Tank, DPS, and Healer, although that the skills are worst.
The best part of Warrior is to make the Tank Warrior.
Most instances always took them, and I never waited longer than 5 minutes to 30 minutes for any instances.


Today i plan/intend to go sleepe early, so I say now: nighties lovelies!

Also: wow, it really works!


If you wondered from where Apple takes ideas…



Yeah… I think I’ll skip this years model…

Maybe the 12 won’t be so ugly


How Special Relativity Fixed Electromagnetism

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7:51 but at two they can’t
7:55 play, they can play with by themselves
7:56 they can’t play with other children
7:59 they can’t get that until they’re three
8:00 and they need to get it by the time
8:00 they’re three because if they don’t get
8:01 (repeatedly pointing fingers as if accusing, or accusating)
8:02 it by the time they’re four they will
8:03 never get it and then you have an
8:05 antisocial kid who’s going to be an
8:06 outsider for his entire life and there
8:07 isn’t anything you can do about it so
8:10 that has to happen between two and four
8:12 so what happens at about age three is
8:14 that the kid learns how to play a game
8:15 with another person and what that game
8:17 is is fundamentally the development of
8:20 the ability to share a frame of
8:21 reference which is what you’re doing
8:24 when you play Monopoly
So, if he’s going to try to make people antisocial, or,
if he is himself going to try to justify to be antisocial
towards other soceity, and, to try to justify to marginalize them,
or, even, to marginalize people, even if against international rules and guildelines for the rights of others, and their rights to opinion,
as in, in his own words, outsider, he is going to try to justify some statements like this, although there must be some more scientific evidence, else his data is with a great margin of error, and low certainty.


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