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Hambagas! :relaxed:

Japan have cutest ads


My sister has been mourning non-stop to lil bub’s death for the last several days. Sadly, there is nothing I can do to “cheer” her up(yet) because no one can jump upwards the emotional scale without experiencing the emotions in between first. Otherwise, if somehow happened, it would be a quantum leap and she would feel very uncomfortable. Our family will do our best to help her mourn through this crisis. She’ll feel Guilt, Hatred, Anger, Blame, Doubt, Disappointment, Pessimism and from there towards positive emotions.


…kind of leaves you thinking what might be the emaning (if they have one).

The Spanish García is believed to be of Iberian origin and probably related to the basque word “kartzea” (bear).

Also are very common surnames ended in -ez (Pérez, González, Rodríguez) which are of Goth origin and mean “son of”: Per-ez son of Pedro (Peter), Gonzal-ez son of Gonzalo, Rodrig-uez son of Rodrigo (Roger)…

Does “Nowak” mean anything in Polish?
Or “Yilmaz” in Turkish?


I’m sad to hear that Lil BUB’s passing has hit your sister so hard, hope she will make her way up shortly. I got vaccinated against death mourning when I was 6 years old when my childhood hero died in an airplane crash. I was hit fully by the actual meaning of dieing (as in you-will-NEVER-see-him-again) and was outraged and inconsolable for a few days.

I’ve had my fair dose of losses and have been readying for years for when it comes the time for my parents, but nothing has caused me again the absolute blackness of that first loss. What doesn’t kills us makes us stronger, certainly.


…and now I’m off to bed! nighties lovelies!

Also: Indian lunar lander Vikram actually made it to the Moon…

…just not in one piece. Nor ten. Nor a hundred…


Nowak means

These days everything is at wikipedia it seems. :thinking:


“Yılmaz” means “unyielding” in Turkish. We had a prime minister named Mesut Yılmaz in the mid 90s. When my dad’s friend with the same name and last name was about to check in a hotel, the hotel staff had lain a red carpet in advance thinking it was the prime minister lol.

Timezone lovelies! :heart:


…so common surnames in Spain, Poland and Turkey are (a very old word for) “Bear”, “Newcomer” and “Unyielding”, aka the “unyielnding newcome bear” or Yilmaz Novak Garcia. :stuck_out_tongue:

(It is a little funnier if you know Spaniards have two surnames, one from father and another from mother, so a boy could be named “Yilmaz” and get “Novak” as his father’s surname and “Garcia” as his mother’s surname)

(Portuguese do the same, just they get first their mother’s surname, not their father’s, and I don’t know why)

Errr… and now i’m off to bed. Nighties lovelies!

Also: I can’t tell how many times i’ve seen this music video in a loop…

What’s better than one Kylie Minogue? Two, of course! Or three. Or four…


I have only one explanation for that music video. Magic. :woman_mage:

Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

Beneath a Steel Sky for free on GOG.

I played it on linux few years ago, its a good stuff. :ok_hand:


“The unnamed company that fell foul of the law…”

… it could be anyone.


Yes, you’re right, it’s a spell called “video layering”. Same wizard also made this video:

You don’t mess with such powerful wizards, they can clone themselves as many times as needed to outpower you!

And now i’m off to bed. Just watched “No country for old men” and i’m a bit disappointed it ends bad. Stories that end bad make me feel like what’s the point to even bother with them?

Nighties lovelies!

Also: moar wizardry!



49 minutes of a LegalEagle video. That’s like 2 hours of legal billing.

And what if I don’t know what is COPPA? Can I get a 1 minute briefing? :thinking:

And now, it’s my beddy time. Not earlier, not later, just the usual time. Nighties lovelies!


It’s not double posting when there’s 24 hours inbetween! Nighties lovelies!

Also: James Bond gadgets… all of them!


René Auberjonois, ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Boston Legal’ Actor, Dies at 79 - Variety
René Auberjonois - Wikipedia
René Auberjonois - imdb

Bit of history:

Nutex condoms. With Radium. :radioactive:

Thats the most amusing thing I have seen today. Good for Fallout cosplayers I assume. Replicas without radium that is.

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