The Like and Get Likes thread III

Today you get a big pie fight :grin:


Real cakes! Big! Now they would just simulate cakes with computers, spending a lot of time designing the routes and splashing of cake particles.

Or they would make AI to do it.

We live in the future.


When in EVE CPP?



That movie was really wholesome. But it was unfortunate that…


they couldn’t duplicate the image of Jack Lemmon in the prison cell when he sees his doppelganger. He walks slowly forward and makes surprised facial mimics. That’s it, no showing his identical in the same shot.

Otherwise it’d be perfect. But shooting on a budget means they can only add so many special effects. Yet, I still wonder Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which was shot around that time, had like $3,000,000 budget(4 times less than TGR,but 1 hour less screen time) and was more technically advanced in an innovative way. :thinking:

By the way, tech 2 capitals are coming to EVE real soon. (see: Lancer Dreads announcement in EVE client launcher)
What do you all make of it?


It’s a useful skill. :face_with_monocle:


Interesting tactical possibilities and challenges. I saw the live stream today. I had hoped for a full demonstration of the neuting AoE effect, but we’ll have to discover it for ourselves :smiley: These new lancers could be a game changer in lowsec, for nullsec they add a level of ewar that will make them primary targets (I expect). I don’t know if the improved resists will make them sufficiently resilient. Let’s find out.


I’m going to bed, and hope tonight will not dream about… huh… flying ice wings crashing on stuff? Puppies desperately looking for a place to pee, in a place where they must not pee? And whatever was the thing with electric two-person pod cars and a house by a river and my parents not… something?

No weird dreams tonight would be nice. Can I have a dreamless night? Pretty please? Nighties lovelies!


I think they will find few uses. Certainly.


By the time I’m qualified to have an interesting opinion on Capitals/Dreads it will be old news.

When I read “Lencer Dreads” this came to mind for some reason


Time to go to sleep… last night I didn’t dream (wee!), which was quite an improvement. i miss the times when I only dreamed once in a month or less, and my dreams were 90% harmless surreal stuff, not the kind of crap I’m experiencing now too often. Anyway it’s friday, tomorrow I only work in the morning and then will have saturday afternoon and all of sunday to do whatever I please and be terrible at playing War Thunder. Nighties lovelies!

Also: the best intents…

…so close!


Easy! The movie, ‘The Breakfast Club’!

Where do I collect my free Vindicator?




10 points to Gallente Federation!

Sadly, we’re fresh out of Vindicators. You’ll have to settle with being “extra awesome” instead. However, after rummaging through the fridge, we can give you this Subway chocolate cookie:


Time to go to sleep… nighties lovelies!


Cyberpunk distopia is in South Korea right now:


Have you ever wondered what difference makes in the bathroom scale to weight yourself dressed vs undressed? Today I was in an experimental mood :woman_scientist:t2: and tried weighing my underwear in different combinations altogether with the bare body mass, and according to my scale, my underwear adds anything between 0.6 to 1.4 kilograms, depending on what you wear and how you add up the minimum/maximum weight differences caused by wearing/unwearing each item. Which proves that bathroom scales are NOT precission tools, in case you wondered. :woman_teacher:t2:

(At least mine had the decency to show the same undressed weight, shuffling 100 grams up and down…)

PS: this inaccuracy along with the widely varying mass of the contents of your digestive tract means that any difference under 500 grams should not be accounted for much… it’s the trend, not the individual measurements what tells the story of weight gain/loss. :balance_scale: