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### Wealthsimple on brink of largest-ever Canadian private tech … › business › article-w…

7 hours ago — Wealthsimple on brink of largest-ever Canadian private tech funding: $700-million-plus deal would value the bank challenger at $5-billion.

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Wealthsimple on brink of largest-ever Canadian private tech funding: $700-million-plus deal would value the bank …
The Globe and Mail·6 hours ago

### Wealthsimple on brink of largest-ever Canadian private tech … › CanadianInvestor › comments

5 hours ago — Wealthsimple on brink of largest-ever Canadian private tech funding: $700-million-plus deal would value the bank challenger at $5-billion · Netflix …

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Vintage RCA 1964 TR-4 Television Video Tape Recorder 1966 Promo Film

13,964 views • Apr 30, 2021
13K views - 2 days ago
Computer History Archives Project
CC with … Open Transcript.
28 minutes 26 seconds audio-video.

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Philips crazy Ski Slope Cassette Deck

328,954 views • May 1, 2021
329K views - 1 day ago
1.12M subscribers
CC with … Open Transcript.
39 minutes 13 seconds audio-video.

As unusual cassette decks go - the 1970s Philips changers are some of the oddest.

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#eldddir #eldddir_earth #eldddir_homo

Gaddafi’s Insane Project to Lay Rivers Under The Sahara

64,991 views • May 1, 2021
63K views - 1 day ago
3.91M subscribers
CC with … Open Transcript.
8 minutes 08 seconds audio-video.

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If you were in the US Army and lost a rifle what would happen to you?
Profile photo for Matthew T. Waterhouse Matthew T. Waterhouse , former Medic at U.S. Army (1993-2001)
Updated May 27, 2019 · Upvoted by Steve Yonah, former 11-B,11-H.11-C2, Fire Arms Instructor at U.S. Army and Brandon Su, 88L Watercraft Engineer at U.S. Army.

The U.S. Army does not lose firearms.

In the event a rifle is truly misplaced, every soldier within 10 miles of that area will begin looking.

Nobody goes home. Nobody gets any rest. Nobody sleeps until that rifle is found.


Wait are you an EVE Online Player AND an LAGLer?


Time to go to sleep… nighties lovelies!

Also: this has been buzzing around in my head all day…

…and you know: the way to get rid of an earworm is to share it!
♪Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun sun…♫

From 37 minutes ago
US national news · 39 minutes ago

Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce

In identical Tweets, Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce and said they would continue to work together at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The pair, who launched the world’s largest charitable foundation, have been married for 27 years.

Photo via @Complex

Bill and Melinda Gates say they’re divorcing after 27 years. The Microsoft co-founder and his wife, who launched the world’s largest charitable foundation, said they will continue to work together at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Interesting tech.

@RealSexyCyborg had a good thread about why the
“dump concrete in house shapes” 3D printers could
never deliver on the promise of affordable (and
DURABLE) housing, but this is a more refined approach
using a much better process.

This afternoon

Are 3D Printed Housing Communities Actually on the Horizon?

A community of 3D printed homes is under construction in California. With 3D
printed technology, firms say they are able to eliminate about 99% of the waste that
normally accumulates during a typical home build.
Photo via @NBCLX

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47 seconds ago

Under Armour to pay $9 million to settle SEC charges
U.S. sports apparel maker Under Armour Inc (UAA.N) has agreed to pay $9 million to settle Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges that it misled investors about its revenue growth, the agency said on Monday.


Does the LAGL thread keep getting squashed by admins? As an aside, here’s a picture of a beautiful place I visited in Japan!


No, threads have a post limit of 10000 posts.


So much for infinite scrolling that discourse was so keen on. That was a real letdown. :broken_heart:


Schrödinger’s dumpster:


775 views • Sep 1, 2020
704 views - 8 months ago
21 subscribers

AH1 Paleolithic CSCC


Play trumpet in you tube. Press 1 to 0 on keyboard.


It works.
You can even record half-notes and upload it.

Could You Make A Space Suit From Duct Tape?

205,452 views • May 2, 2021
205K views - 2 days ago
Scott Manley
1.25M subscribers
CC with … Open Transcript.
13 minutes 12 seconds audio-video.

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#science #physics #data

Particle Physics Discoveries that Disappeared

124,473 views • Apr 24, 2021
Sabine Hossenfelder
267K subscribers
CC with … Open Transcript.
10 minutes 50 seconds audio-video.

0:00​ Sponsor Message
1:00​ Intro
1:42​ How do the predictions work?
3:12​ Where do anomalies come from?
5:46​ Anomalies that disappeared
8:48​ Other problems
9:55​ What’s with that B-meson anomaly?

EVE Online Anomalies, but, inside the Particle Physics, which Anomaly disappeared...
Or, where did it go?
Did it get sucked into a wormhole, or, into the wormhole?


The greatest trick of the devil is to make everyone believe that he didn’t exist.

That is a Belief Bias,
related to Courtesy Bias,
related to
Bandwagon Bias as well.

misleading and deceiving as those are the greatest weapons of the force used against what is good and the level of knowledge about what is good, and the misrepresentation intended to be done from those source, even misrepresenting pasts acts as if good.

I know someone who just made a new video about Dear Atheist.
It mentions that, if you’re going to be an atheist, to be a good atheist, as bad atheist are not good, and, if bad atheist try to represent good as bad and bad as good, that it’s also misleading and deceiving too.

Oh yes, I finally got my new investigator, I hope for under $3,500.
Maybe they can give me a quote for $300 or $500 for a simple assignment.


Saying atheism is a belief system is like saying not going skiing is a hobby.

Atheism is the lack of belief in a god (or gods). It makes no claim. It merely rejects the claim that a god (or gods) exists. Nothing more.


Ahhhhh…that good old show! I actually named my first ever ship in EVE as a homage to it. It was an Amarr Punisher frigate(In hindsight I realized that Typhoon would be a better ship for that name). My friend who introduced me to EVE didn’t know I renamed my ship and for a second thought I have found a rare edition ship from somewhere.

My brother-in-law tells me that there are still re-runs of that show on lower-tier channels of BBC. That and Rowan Atkinson’s (the guy who plays Mr. Bean, for those who don’t know) legendary show “Black Adder”.


No, however, interference and obstruction of justice is not good .


Neither do I believe in your god or dog, and nothing more you say.
Unfortunately though being good doesn’t limit oneself to beliefs or disbelief from Belief Bias, and other related cognitive Bias,
including but not limited to,
making claims that rejection is not a claim and so on,
including other psychologically related systems,
whether for psychological warfare or the lack thereof.

Also, if that did mean to be against those who have a Holy name as not believable, I think it explains why you could never be any more good to them since you would even go at length to explain to them that no amount of alienation would be against their rights since they already violated the rights of others by trying to impose their opinions over others and so on.

Nonetheless, by force, even if abuse of force and how.


Having a religion is like having a penis. Many people have it and quite a lot are proud of having it, but it’s not something to wag in public or shove down somebody’s throat unsolicited. (Not my quote) :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Time to go to bed for me… Nighties lovelies!

Also: don’t try to make sense of it, just let this video happen

Confirmed: your daily dose of weird is now 999% higher!


It’s very unscientific and against scientific merit from the US Army Medical department HQ including the new MEDCOM from November 1993 + 10 = 2003 + 10 = 2013 + 8 = 2021 = 28 years.

200 years next year,
199 years compared to the 99 years of Prince Philips from the military, with it, suggested without.


Most definitely not.
It’s like taking text out of context by putting too much emphasis on it to seek to try to get away with it after.

Those abusing the powers conferred from it face consequences of their actions.

It’s also not good to incite and provoke those with it to do it, and to make them seem better than they are, when it’s not what science is about.

It’s also not good for them to abuse science or benefits from the science from it and of it, and misrepresent it as if not scientific which also proves their level of atheism while they make false claims of faith and of being faithful when their faith lies in not believing and believing in the wrong things by misleading others for the wrong reasons, at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and seeking to justify it.

It’s their fate to have a lot in life or laugh, even if that’s the same lot.

They also give a bad name to science and seek to credit themselves for forfeiting the rights of others while not forfeiting the rights of those who should have their rights forfeited and allowing them to get away with it which is a grave injustice.

It’s also illegal to be complicit with them, and it’s also illegal to make false insinuation of complicity when against those in courts, because it’s still the same additional obstruction of justice, the same as interference against police work by making suggestions that the police shouldn’t do this or that when they should and are attacked, and misrepresented as if attacking from someone else in intelligence even more sick and permanently so.


Just figured I’d post another fun photo from Japan, since I know it’s hard for people to travel these days.


These photos are good for health too.