The Like and Get Likes thread III

Beddy time! But first, more busting by thunderf00t… Nighties lovelies!

Also: when you can’t spin stuff better than a contraption based on welding together 2 WW2 guns…

YT comments insist on the effect of suddenly removing the projectile (200 kg) from the end of the arm, abruptly shfting the centre of gravity of something moving at thousands of rpm… and then bath it in air before slowing down as the projectile breaks the seal. The more it goes, the clearer it is that nobody suggested centrifuges to space before because they’re insanely wrong as a concept.


There is an external HDD in existence, with not 1 or 2 or 3, but 18(EIGHTEEN) TERABYTES of storage! Last year, when I bought an external HDD from Vatan, I copied everything I ever had to that trusty 4 TB and still I have 2.5 TB free space left. All the versions of Linux distros, photos, downloaded YT videos…and still I have plenty of space! I wonder what do they use 18 TBs for? Backing up immense sized databases or something?

Timezone lovelies. :heart:


Off to bed… nighties lovelies!

Also: launch scheduled for december 22nd…

…but there’s still time for Murphy to strike back and delay James Webb Telescope a bit more (all in all, it had to be launched in 1997… 24 years or 2 or 4 days more, doesn’t matter). And then, once (if) succesfully launched, it will unfold itself in an operation with 300 potential points of failure…


Only one needs to happen? For it to fail spectacularly?

Then they will actually need a lot of luck, because checking everything for 100 times seems like not enough. :thinking:


Such a big storage space may be needed for video creators, or for moving rendered big 3d scenes for movies. Videos can be really big.


I don’t know much about video editing, but 18 TB of data sounds like you can fit just so, so much stuff.

I wonder how many movies that will hold.


I always use my favorite film Limitless(2011) as a yardstick.
18.000 GB / 20 GB ( 1 hour 45 minutes long Limitless movie in 1080p Blu-ray) = 900 movies of uncompressed quality of visual and sound.

For a H.264 compressed, single CD( 750MB ) movie in 720p resolution…that’s about 24.000 movies.

Now, it is a little hard to comprehend that number, but that’s a lot. Below is an example scenario:

I managed to fit 2 x TV shows episodes and 4 x 720p movies on a 8GB USB flash drive for enjoying on a modest 1080p resolution TV with upscaling capability. All those kept me entertained for 5-6 evenings.


24000 movies… alright, that’s a pretty good metric. I can get behind that kind of storage.

It also means I need to go download some films, be right back.

Codec Resolution FPS Size/Min Size/Hour
5D mark II H.264 1080p 23.976fps 284.76 MB 16.69 GB
7D H.264 1080p 23.976fps 359.7 MB 21.08 GB
5D mark III H.264 ALL-I 1080p 23.976fps 682,5 MB 39,99 GB
BMCC ProRes (HQ) 1080p 23.976fps 1.32 GB 79 GB
BMPCC ProRes (HQ) 1080p 23.976fps 1.32 GB 79 GB
BMPC 4K ProRes (HQ) 4K UHD 23.976fps 5.3 GB 318 GB
GH4 H.264 4K DCI 24fps 712 MB 42 GB
BMCC RAW 2.5K 23.976fps 7.2 GB 432 GB
BMPCC RAW 1080p 23.976fps 3.09 GB 185.4 GB
BMPC 4K RAW UHD 23.976fps 12.36 GB 741.6 GB

Not very fashionable item. Doesnt matter how good it can be if it doesnt look good on you.


Those numbers in your follow-up message are generated by really high end professionals. Like Linus Sebastian level professionals. Using two or more cameras at once and recording videos in RAW format.

In short, I concur with what you are saying.

However, those file size must’ve been requiring fast read/write speeds on the external HDD itself, not just an average USB 3.0 connection. Otherwise copying stuff would take ages.

EDIT: That is what external SSDs are for, I think. I never had the chance to use one though.

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Time to go to sleep. Nighties lovelies!

Also: one last gravity assist and ESA’s Solar Orbiter is ready for science!

Solar Orbiter’s final orbit will fly over the poles of the Sun (a polar orbit), giving us first insight on those never seen regions of the Sun. Since launch in 2019, Solar Orbiter has received three gravity assists from Earth in order to slow down its orbit and get closer to the Sun; after an assist by Venus the final perihelion will be 50 million km from the Sun.


Apparently the Foundation series hasn’t turned as wished by people familiar to Isaac Asimov’s work, and one critic actually called it “Asimov with Foundation stuff but no Foundation”. Guess I’ll watch it someday but even the episode sinopsis at Wikipedia make me scratch my head…

Anyway, today I’m off to bed. Nighties lovelies!


There is water in the Internet


Hmmm… that water is cool, but it looks cold… :cold_face:

Today I don’t have an “also”, neither. I’ve been watching some engineering stuff but nothing I think would be interesting to share… maybe tomorrow. Nighties lovelies!





3 Musketeers

Hayley couldn’t make the head nor tails out of the riddle above. Could you?

Bonus Hayley photo:

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I think Hayley should read only the first letter of each word… :thinking:

But I will let it up to her, she’s pretty enough to ask for an answer pwetty-pwease.

And, now I’m going to bed. Nighties lovelies!

Also: concrete is tough, but rockets also are tough on concrete…

Building and using a rocket launch platform is a bit more complicated than just pouring a concrete slab.


Hey, crowdfunding does wonderful things.

Okay, not this one.

This one again. Thought he already went up the river on this one. :oncoming_police_car:


Wow, a video game about being a citizen of the stars?? I’m gonna fund it!

Oh wait, I already did, and was of the first 4,000 people to do so. Neither the game nor anything remotely resembling it, or planning to resemble it, has been released. But I heard they’re still selling paper ships and, more amazingly, people actually buy those ships. The thing has totally become a way of life for a few people…

…and yet I would like to play Privateer Online (which Elite: Dangerous kind of is, in the way a masterwork is like a copy of it).

But now, I go to bed. Nighties lovelies!

Also: an Apple for 400,000 $?

…and it’s not even a new model…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cant really get out my head the image of an oversized and battered trashcan when I look at that uneven surface of the rockets they make.

Its like it would be build in a movie props shack somewhere long ago and then I would see it maybe in a black and white sf movie from 1936, then Spacex took it from a museum of cinema.