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So much questions about future… :thinking:

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Conductivity and resistance are funny concepts, FAI, wood is a very good conductor of high voltage, and that’s what makes trees dangerous in a storm… with tensions above 50-60,000 volts, wood conducts electricity like metal, thus it attracts lightning strikes and electrifies everything around the tree that’s been hit. What they can’t cope with is intensity, a lightning strike usually haves a tension of 10-15 volts, but carries tens of thousands of amperes… so the tree conducts the high voltage static charge, and once the lighting discharges, voltage drops, the tree becomes non-conductive and all those 10,000s of amperes meet such resistance that overheat everything and are diverted through anything more conductive… human body is quite more conductive than air or a tree so people tipically get hurt by charges moving from the tree limbs to the ground through their bodies. Then if more a than a few amperes go through the heart, it’s game over.

And BTW, here in Catalonia the local TV haves a meteorologist that was struck by lightning… not the main discharge but a secondary one (the little tendrils striking around the main one); it was enough to contract all his muscles so witnesses saw him leap 2 or 3 meters away from whre he was standing and fall unconscious, but the charge moved from his right arm through the right leg and the heart wasn’t affected. It didn’t even bruise his skin so it was a very little discharge.

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He must have been quite shocked when he realized he is capable.

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Muscular spasms are quite the thing in brute force. FAI, one of the usual reasons of death from tetanus was the monstruous muscular spasms it causes, which in some cases would break the back or neck or crush the heart.

This was not a contraction; the patient was paralyzed like this, vibrating like a tense string, struck by waves of even stronger spasm. And you bet it hurt.

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Moral is: keep your tetanus shot up to date! :woman_teacher:

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They are funny concepts. My dad has been shocked by 50k volts but low amps so it was just an unpleasant experience lol. He did teach me valuable lessons growing up, such as the danger of large capacitors discharging. He welded 2 screwdrivers together that way once to show me the danger when I was young, so I would not touch things I did not know about, it worked well lol. It was a good thing, he used to repair things and often had to have things plugged in and exposed for testing, so it could have been very bad if I did not understand the danger. :open_mouth:

I learned a bit doing assembly work too, ESD and safety etc. And yet I still lick electric fly swatters :rofl:

Edit: o I just noticed the bit about tetanus, I am always careful to get shots for that, and always visit a DR if I step on something rusty etc.

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Yeah, our teacher always said “Just think that all capacitors are always charged and treat them like that. Better safe than sorry”. I made 2 years of industrial electronics so they were preparing us for when we would start using nasty stuff, surge-protection capacitors that stored Farads as if they were on sale. Rumour was that once one of the teachers discharged the largest capacitor at the lab through a coin and the coin splattered molten metal all over the place… :astonished:

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■■■■■■■ people that get offended by ■■■■■■■ everything

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AWESOME!! :heart_eyes: :joy:

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Timezone o/

Babushkas are badass. :+1:

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By far the best civil conversation I ever had in this forum so far, a friendly fella named Muhahaha in the [Lifeblood] Resource Wars thread

So friendly for recommending me to eat my liver, who knows it could be tasty :thinking:

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With nice chianti and fava beans? :scream:

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My taste buds are pretty iffy, so probably no XD

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I’m sorry