The Mawderator Manifesto

I’m likely best known for rapping and for the Alliance Tournament production that I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with CCP on, or from my guest segment on the Eve Vegas stream, but that’s just one facet of who I am as a player. I was well received both by the community as well as CCP and was invited once again to join as a member of the AT broadcasting team. One of the upsides of that is that I’ve spent over half a month having constructive face-to-face interactions in CCP’s HQ and at bars with members of the community team, software engineers, developers, producers, artists and more while under NDA.

Over the last six years of playing Eve Online, I’ve gone out of my way to experience a wide variety of the content that Eve has to offer. In factional warfare, I began to learn as a player and made my fortune. I’ve lived in both in low class and high class wormholes, as well as Thera for 3 of the last 4 years. I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to fly alongside some of the best small gang pilots to have played Eve, and I’ve experienced the machine crushing time dilation of B-R. Currently, I live in low security space as a member of Snuffed Out. Low security space has not had a direct representative since Sugar Kyle’s tenure 3 years ago, and needs one dearly, as Eve functions best when all spaces are in a healthy state. At the very bottom of my thread I’ve addressed specific issues to individual space.

Communication as a CSM is of the utmost importance, and I will continue to interact with the player base in the form of monthly CSM updates on my blog, In Mawderation, on community discords, and on Reddit as well as the official forums. I will work to ensure that the current CCP-CSM relations do not backslide to the drama filled bickering and in-fighting of the past.

I don’t have an agenda beyond advocating for iteration of existing and new designs that increase the scope and depth of player interactions mechanically, economically, socially and politically. In the past, that has meant advocating for changes that hurt me financially or work against my preferred playstyle. I’ve got experience and knowledge in a broad range of spaces and scales. I will use this background to continue to test mechanics and interactions in order to problem solve and “break” them so that players have the best user experience possible.

I could list off dozens of outstanding design and mechanical issues with the game and run on fixing them as a “platform.” However, one of the things that been clear to me during weeks that I’ve spent in Reykjavik working alongside CCP staff and members of the CSM is that the primary function of the CSM is to function as a focus group and a conduit for player feedback, particularly for items on CCP’s roadmap, something that I have experience with having been a member of the Strategic Cruiser focus group.

As much as I want certain changes to be made for the game’s health, I’m here to give nuanced and pragmatic feedback for CCP to potentially act on, not to make false promises. If I was forced to list my “platform” it would be advocating for anything that improves the health of Eve’s ecosystem. Just recently Eve Online had it’s 15’th birthday, I’d like us all to reach 20 years together. If all of that sounds vague, it’s because it’s impossible for me to know what it is that CCP will choose to do next with Eve. Having said that there are some goals I have for my term.

First, I am running not only to represent my playstyle or that of my alliance’s, but to be here for the player base as a whole, and particularly for those who may not have a direct representative. Specifically, I’ve engaged with individuals from the disabled community, and I’ve spoken to community figures in the Russian and Chinese playerbase about localization and integration.

Second, conflicts and conflict drivers from all parts of space generate and drive the narrative and the unique living history that payers experience. War is good not only for business, but for Eve Online.

Third, neither low security space/factional warfare or wormholes received a session at the last CSM Summit. I will push for both to receive at the very least a session during the next Summit. Low security space lacks the infrastructure to support and build alliances. Wormhole space is incredibly buggy, and has had gameplay degenerate as a result.

Fourth, I will stress the importance of a healthy tournament ecosystem and the benefits it has on the long term health of the game. Prizes are a significant aspirational goal, and a thriving tournament scene contributes to the confidence of CCP’s commitment to their product.

Fifth, I am not only a PvP player, but someone who recognizes the importance of engaging and compelling PvE in Eve’s ecosystem. I’ve written about PvE issues, and attended Jin’taan’s PvE roundtable

Below are links to CSM interviews and media appearances. Thank you for your consideration, and I welcome your questions. My Discord tag is Mawderator#6928


You already got MY vote big guy, and my endorsement as well it seems!

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