The mining permit scam

Is not a scam.

On the contrary of some organizations or groups’ beliefs, that often say that they are the self-proclaimed police of Highsec, no single group or organization can hold sovereignty over all or any parts of Highsec space.

One organization does come to mind, as I’m sure you’re also aware, but for the sake of this “article” it shall remain unnamed and it does not matter to the point I’m trying to make here.

So this sort of scam arose with the significantly increased activity in suicide ganking across highsec, where an organization (almost like a religious sect) demand compensation for activities players do, in this case we’re talking about mining, or they would be destroyed. Even if you chose to pay the “fee” there would be no guaranties that another from the organization couldn’t just come do the exact same thing a week, a day or moments later. Of course, having already pay for the “permit”, you’d probably not want to pay an additional fee, and refusing (regardless of reasons) could lead to you demise.

So what could/can you do to avoid these situations?
Use a “proper” ship that would make it require much more effort to achieve their goal, the destruction of your ship, so rather than using a ship with a paper thin tank it would probably be worth your while to fly a ship with much more tank but only slightly reduce your overall performance in the field (asteroid belt)

A law is not a scam @ISD_Sakimura
If you break the law, in this case mining without a permit, you get your assets seized.

The permit will, as long as you follow the Code, be upholded by any and all Agent of the New Order.

As for calling us a religious cult, that would be like calling the police a cult. It’s an illogical statement.

The Code is a forgiving institution, but break the New Halaima Code of Conduct and Agents will find you, judge you and prosecute you as defined in the cited Law.

P.s. aren’t ISD supposed to be neutral and all? :wink: cough

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xD If someone ask’s you for a permit, take an arty to their pod before they realize? Problem solved.

No, but only CCP can create laws and entities to uphold them!

You mistake Rules for Laws

There is no rule against upholding player made laws.


Seems like you don’t have a posting permit either. We’ll need to see about fixing that.

Joking, roleplaying, and salt aside… you can’t deny the physical and mental effect that The New Order has had on Highsec specifically. The claim that The New Order has on Highsec is similar to those groups in Lowsec that “own” territory. Sure you are free to fly through there and do as you please, but not without their “input”. Just because Highsec lacks sovereignty mechanics doesn’t mean that player-driven interactions can’t shape who owns what.

I look around and I see many more CODE. compliant miners and haulers that I did back in 2012. Player-driven experiences are what this game boasted and advertised at one point. Why try so hard to cast them in a negative light? In doing so you only empower the weak and create a point where players look down on the many ways that other players can impact them through diverse gameplay.


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People still fall for these?

you can’t do that. your arty takes too long to catch them and it does not mine ore so… well you can’t.

Since it’s placed in the “New Citizens Q&A”, isn’t it supposed to be objective non-biased information?

I mean, a mining permit is nothing else than a highsec ransom.

So when lowsec pirates flew around and ransomed ships, was that also a scam?

It’s fine you want to educate newbies. Newbies should definitely know this is a thing, but categorizing it under “scam” might be a small stretch.

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I’m going to be constructive here @ISD_Sakimura. I think you tried to be careful there, and the bulk of what you wrote is accurate. There are no guarantees that if you buy a mining permit you will not be destroyed and tanking your ship is a good idea. But I will take issue with a few points:

  • “No group or organization can hold sov in highsec”: What do you mean? Like can’t have their name in the top corner system information? Because aside from that, player groups can claim and enforce control over a highsec system or systems exactly as they can in lowsec, NPC null, or a wormhole. In fact, most claims of ownership or sov in this game don’t come with a little icon attached. Highsec groups claim things all the time via the threat of using force, and there is nothing different about this unnamed group’s claim to the ore in highsec.

  • The use of the word “scam”: I mean, you could accurately call it perhaps an extortion racket or highlight the fact that the permit doesn’t guarantee your safety as you did, but it seems to me far from a scam. It is a “mining indulgence” from a group that claims ownership and has additional rules you have to obey to stay on their blue list. I think it fine to highlight the situation to new players, but scam implies that they are being sold something fraudulently which is wrong. The mining permit is just one requirement among many to avoid attack by a group that claims ownership of a resource in this game.



Everyone at CCP purchased a mining permit. Perhaps you misplaced yours?

And now your kinda salty?


I don’t need one; I mine where I please as that is my right regardless of the risks that goes with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Post with your main, then we can fix that.


That would be in violation of the NDA

That’s actually the first excuse I’m reading that’s actually legit … well, okay.

Can you mine as ISD? I don’t actually care if we blow up this or that char.

In the end it’s still you! : D

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You mean a violation of the New Halaima Code of Conduct?


You could apply to be an ISD and you could find out, if you get into the program, there are no guaranties.

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Stop poking the bear. CCP could always lower CONCORD’s response time in their March update :rofl: